5 Effective Yoga Poses for a Healthy Heart

The heart is one of the most important organs of the body. In fact, it is the basis of life. The human heart is responsible for pumping the blood through the blood vessels, in addition to providing oxygen and nutrients to the body. Thus, it is imperative that proper care is taken to maintain its health in the best possible manner. Committing to a better and healthier lifestyle with Yoga and spirituality is among the best ways to maintain the healthiness of the heart. Here is the list of Yoga asanas that are extremely fruitful to stay away from all kinds of heart diseases.

1. 5 Effective Yoga Poses for a Healthy Heart


Uttanasana is thepractice of bending forward while standing on the mat. It is a beautifulpractice for keeping heart diseases at bay. The beauty of this exercise is thatit promotes the circulation of blood throughout the body. Heart pumping getsenhanced and the whole body receives fresh blood. Begin this exercise bystanding on the mat with straight knees. Bend the body in the forward directionso that the nose comes near the knees. Try to place the palms on the mat alongthe feet. Although it takes a little effort to practice the exercise perfectly,you can learn this with regular practice.

Setu Bandha Sarvangasana

Enjoy the beautyof Bridge pose while boosting the health of your heart. The practice is anawesome exercise for the heart as it helps in opening up the chest. It alsostretches the shoulders and boosts the working of the human heart. To practicethis asana, lie down on the Yoga mat and bring the feet towards your body.Placing the feet perfectly on the mat, raise your chest and hips, while keepingthe shoulders in contact with the floor. Hold the body in the position to feelthe amount of toll it takes. You can join a Yoga teacher training in Nepal to learn the best way to practicethis poise.


Bringing theamazing practice of Paschimottanasana into your life can lead you to a state ofa better heart’s health condition. Along with enhancing the blood-pumpingability of the heart, the Seated Forward Bend Pose stretches the shoulders,spine, and hamstrings. Sit on the mat with the legs extended in the frontdirection. Bend forward to hold the toes with your hands. Make sure the kneesdon’t get bent during the exercise. Practice this asana for 5-6 minutes in themorning and feel the amazing flow of energy in the body.


One of the finestexercises for a healthy heart, Dhanurasana stands for Bow pose. It stretchesalmost parts of the body including the heart and chest. The practice tones theheart muscles and nourishes it to enhance its productivity. Lie down on the matby the belly to begin with. Bend the knees and raise the shoulders and try tocatch the feet with your hands. If you are not able to do so, take help fromyour friend. Make sure only the hips and abdomen are on the ground. This willimprove the ability of the heart to function.


Embrace the ideaof self-confidence by promoting the flow of blood throughout the body with thepractice of Vrksasana. It is a one-legged standing pose during the practice ofwhich the practitioner learns how to balance the body and mind. One can findthis asana favorite to people attending Yoga retreats in Nepal, thanks to the pose’s huge benefits. Although thepractice looks simple, it is filled with a vast amount of goodnesses when itcomes to heart wellness. Since it is a spiritual asana, it also makes the braincalm and keeps the blood pressure in check.

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