1100 toilets in 1 year: JK Tyre’s commitment to a Swachh Bharat

Bangalore, October 03, 2017: As a homegrown company rooted to real issues in the country, JK Tyre & Industries Ltd has been committed to contributing to the society, including improving health and sanitation facilities in places that are most in need of them. In 2016-17, the company directed its efforts towards aligning with the Government’s Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, setting up more than 1100 toilets in rural areas in 17 villages in the states of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu & Karnataka, wherein our manufacturing plants are located.Aimed at alleviating the issue of open-defecation and raising awareness about the related health and security benefits of using toilets among the people, JK Tyre put its weight behind implementing a sanitation project in these villages.

JK Tyreofficials put a check mechanism in place to ensure the maintenance and upkeepof the newly-built toilets by monitoring the conditions and water supply atperiodic intervals. Regularly engaging stakeholders, including beneficiariesand reputed NGOs helped in the efficient delivery of sanitation services in thevillages covered by the programme.

Mr.Pradyumna Pandey, Vice President-HR, JK Tyre & Industries Ltd, said, “Wehave adopted an integrated two-pillar approach to address the problem of opendefecation, an important factor contributing to health problems, specially inrural areas. We partnered with different stakeholders, including theGovernment, to work towards removing inconveniences in the proper maintenanceof sanitation facilities, such as accessibility to water and hygiene in the useof a toilet. Our aim is to work with the Government to establish easilyaccessible individual household  toiletsin rural areas so that India can become an open defecation-free nation by 2019.By building toilets in public places, particularly in schools, we also wantedto address another important issue that concerns security of girls and of theirdropouts due to a lack of toilets. JK Tyre will continue to extend thisinitiative to other areas that lack such services.”

According toa report, about 23% of adolescent girls drop out from school every year due tolack of basic sanitation facilities. By providing basic amenities such as cleantoilets and water, JK Tyre aims to create a long-term sustainable solution tothis issue.

Mr RamnathBatham, Sarpanch village Panchayat Noorabad, Dist Morena, Madhya Pradesh, said,“it is matter of great pride for us that our village will be open defecationfree very soon with active support of JK Tyre. Earlier, village elders & women use to face difficulties morespecifically during rains and sickness, while now it’s a thing of past now. “

 JK Tyre has been working to drive awarenessaround the building and usage of toilets, and has invested in the constructionand renovation of school buildings, anganwadis, community centres and publictoilets to facilitate better sanitation facilities. The company plans to workfor the construction of around 2000 individual household toilets during FY2017-18.

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