15kms Cycle Ride by 160 ZenQ, IT Employees including 60 women to promote Wellness

Hyderabad, August 26, 2019. A 15kms Cycle Ride by 160 ZenQ, IT employees including 60 women held here in the city this weekend to promote wellness, cycling to work among others.

Murali Bollu, President HYSEA and CEO of ZenQ flagged it off at Palapitta Cycling park, Kondapur

The ride travelled 15kms and ended at Himayatsagar lake.

The objective of this Annual ZenQ 15 Kms Cycle Ride, according to Mr. Murali Bollu, CEO ZenQ and who is also HYSEA President is to promote wellness among IT employees and encouraging them to take up some physical activity as a part of daily routine.

Adding further, Mr. Murali Bollus informed that as more and more youngsters opting to do IT jobs, they need to be encouraged to develop healthy habits such as daily exercise to avoid lifestyle diseases caused due to long hours of sitting that IT jobs demand and workload related stress. ZenQ has been organising ‘Wellness rides’ every year to remind our employees about the need to exercise daily, and to facilitate spending quality time together outdoors, get some fresh air and exercise via cycling.

Many employees have taken a very active participation.  According to Sunitha, a participant, Cycling is a very good physical activity. Physical fitness in this world full of conveniences, gadges and gizmos is most important he said.

Cycling is a good regular activity particularly for women to build some physical activity into their lives, she observed. It improves overall health and fitness and sound body and sound mind is need of the hour she shared.

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