200 Healthy Products for your HEALTH by 24Mantra!!

Hyderabad 24th October 2017: There is nothing in our life that is more valuable than good health. Without health there is no happiness, no peace and no success. A person with bad health cannot enjoy the pleasure of being wealthy. In a recent survey nearly half (48%) of Indian consumers surveyed are aiming for a healthier lifestyle in the coming years. Healthy living topped the list of consumers’ goals and aspirations for the next three years . Taking this Health revolution forward, 24Mantra organic has bought to you many Healthy choices!! 200 to be precise!!

24 Mantra  offers you with over 200healthy products  ranging from Cereals, Dals, Flours, Spices, Millets,Oils , Quinoa to processed products like Juices, Ready to Cook  Briyani,Kande Poha, Pongal etc , Bites snack range in 3 lip smacking options , sevn typesof Tea  like Green Tea, Tulsi Tea etc  all  with a guarantee ofno chemical  pesticides,chemical  fertilizers, artificial colors,artificial flavors, and preservatives.  24 Mantra products are easilyaccessible to customers in more than 150 cities in the country through majorretail chains like Spencer’s, Hyper City, Tata- Tesco -Star Bazaar, FoodBazaar, ABRL More,  Reliance,Ratnadeep ,  Wal-Mart, METRO CASH &CARRY , Spar, Amazon & Big Basket and more than 10,000 traditional neighborhoodstores.



Organic” is fastbecoming a choice   for enlightened Indians who are concerned aboutHealthy Living. In fact, eating organic and eating right is now becoming agrowing need.  ‘Organic food  is  nutritious  ,  hasgreat  taste  ,is pure  and therefore  healthy . This isbecause in organic farming, great emphasis is placed on nourishing thesoil which in turn gives healthy plants. Healthy plants give produce that aredraw the best nutrients from the soil to give us nutritious food .  Ourfarm to fork  supervision , the work done  to support small& marginal farmers  ,  having  certified  and hygienic processing facilities , and  being completely consumerfocused  are the  key elements  in making  24 Mantrathe  most popular brand amongst Organic Food consumers   ” saysMr Balasubramanian , CEO Sresta Natural Bioproducts


“What’s  moreOrganic Farming adopts eco-friendly methods as the crops are cultivated usingchemical-free green manure which  helps maintain ecological balance anddoesn’t pollute the environment. So lead a healthy living and give your healtha boost and while you’re at it earn some good deed points from Mother Earthtoo. Share and enjoy Organic produce and have a Healthy life “ added Mr Bala .

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