25 year old boy saves three lives by donating his heart, kidney and liver

Bengaluru, 11 September, 2018: Family of a 25 year old man from an agriculture background donated his heart, kidney and liver to an 18 year old boy, 52 year old woman and 55 year old man respectively. Three patients got a new lease of life as they underwent transplant at Narayana Health City, Hosur Road.

The 25 year old donor who hails from Malur was admitted at Narayana Health City for severe traumatic head injury following an accident in the month of August. He was declared brain dead post the formal protocols and the family consented to donate their son’s organs.

The donor’s heart was given to an 18 year old PU student from Hubli who was admitted at Narayana Health City for heart condition. Upon review and consultations from the experts, it was diagnosed that the patient suffered a heart failure and was advised to undergo a heart transplant. The patient was registered with Jeevasarthakathe for past 5 months.

Another recipient, a 52 year old female from Hoskote was on dialysis since 2014. On evaluation, it was diagnosed that the patient suffered chronic renal failure for which she was advised to undergo kidney transplant. However, the patient could not find a matched donor for transplant until recently.

The third recipient is a 55 year old businessman from Delhi who was suffering from DLCD with Portal Hypertension. He was on medical management at Narayana Health, Delhi since April this year and was registered with Jeevasarthakate as advised by the doctors in July. Donor’s liver was allocated to him for transplantation on the same day.

The retrieval and transplant procedures were carried out by the team of expert surgeons at Narayana Health City.

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