286media – a platform that provides end to end solutions to your business start-up

Sameer Srivastava, Founder and CEO of 286media, a consulting firm for start-ups, SME firms and professional groups with a diversity of solutions. Through their expertise, the organisation provides support at every stage of growth to their clients.

A visionaryin the world of smart solutions, Sameers’s goal oriented approach towardsgaining prompt results has helped 286 Media get the required visibility, interms of innovative solutions and rigorous quality control. Sameer isgifted with a unique ability to combine theoretical knowledge with practicalapplication to present solutions which are out-of-the-box. His professionaljourney has seen a great learning curve with 11 years of experience in helmingdiverse roles.

Born andraised in Delhi, Sameer has completed his schooling from­­ the prestigious DAVschool/ Vivekananda School and later, received a Bachelor’s degree in ComputerApplications from Indira Gandhi Open University. He is a music aficionado whounwinds through hanging out with friends.

Founded in2015 by Sameer Srivastava, 286 Media is based in­­­ Delhi. 286 Mediafacilitates services that a new business requires, along with comprehensivesolutions. Their different platforms aid in stability performance and moreimportantly value for money. Few of their prominent services include marketing,event organizing, directory services, information, advertising (media). 

The idea forsuch an organization emerged from the need to create a hospitable environmentfor start-ups to thrive in. Many look forward in starting a business but oftendon't know where to look for support, monetary as well as industry. 286 mediais dedicated to provide the 5 basic elements required to establish a business.They have created 6 platforms Stepupstartup, Meza9floor, Eventzadda, MyMuzic, Fashion & Modelling, Findviews to provide the 6 basicelements which every business needs i.e. legal services, office space hunt,event organizing, fund raising, and advertising. The main mission of the brandis to provide everything at one place so that people can focus on theiridea.  

Earlierworked with firms like Wipro, HCL, British Airways, comes up with his latestforay 286media, a company that provides end – to –end solutions to establishthe idea of a start-up into a proper business. 

Please findenclosed the link for the website: https://www.286media.net/

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