3Hcare Labs Providing Better Healthcare in Remote Villages

New Delhi: The leading online healthcare portal 3Hcare.in, recently marked its offline presence by inaugurating pathology labs in rural areas of Eastern Haryana, Western UP.

Devoid of basic healthcare facilities and lack of pathology labs in the tier 3 & tier 4 cities that are basically equipped with only sample collection centers, ‘3hcare labs’ act as a boon for the local residents.  

In India, public health care is free, yet years of under-investment in public health means that facilities are also grossly understaffed and under-equipped. The country also has a massive resource gap of over 4 million health workers and, to compound problems, nearly 60% of existing health workers prefer to practice in urban areas.

With 70% of the population living in villages, often far from even the primary health care providers like basic diagnostics, it's clear that there’s a lot of room and opportunity for affordable and accessible healthcare services to groom in India.

Aiming to bridge the poor health infrastructure gap in rural areas and tap into the $125 billion health care market, CA (Dr.) Ruchi Gupta, founder of healthcare portal launched three offline fully equipped pathology labs that enable patients to access health tests and consultation at their doorstep. The tests are low cost and can be booked at the convenience at a comprehensively low and transparent cost.

The initiative taken by 3Hcare labs to launch such basic facilities in far flung regions that were otherwise deprived of basic healthcare services have been highly benefitted. Local residents neither have to travel to other major cities just for the simple pathology tests or wait for days to obtain results of samples deposited at the already existing collection centres.

 “3hcare.in links up health workers, health clinics, diagnostic labs, and doctors on the same platform. And similarly to bridge the gap between the services rendered in urban and rural areas, the labs have been set up for the ease of the public. To allow the localites to access the best of healthcare services at par as in cities, launch of ‘3Hcare labs will serve the purpose. This is when we perceived the idea of launching our offline labs which was the need of the hour. says CA (Dr.) Ruchi Gupta, Founder and CEO 3Hcare.in, adding that the portal, launched in 2006, is also used by hospitals, clinics, diagnostic centers and non-governmental organizations.

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