Bengaluru, 1st December 2018: International Performing Arts Festival (IPAF) brought together four artists performing traditional art forms and providing them a platform to perform fusion of different art forms at Prabhath Kea Rangamandira Auditorium. Audience witnessed performances by Ms. Mohul Mukherjee – Bharatnatyam, Sattriya dance by Ms. Aarhie Kaushik, Vocal Singing by Manasi Prasad and Odissi dance by Devjani Sen & Group.

IPAF is an initiative by social entrepreneur Mr. Shyam Pandey which aims to unite societies and cultures with fusion of arts globally. IPAF also supports special artists (Divyaang) and young artists by providing them platform with maestros

IPAF encourages art forms and holistic traditions through performing arts across societies. ‘We believe firmly that the future of traditional arts and promotion of such arts through performing arts could be very inviting and entertaining throughout the world.

IPAF supports Vayu Yoga, Classical dances, Folk dances, differently abled artists and upcoming artists to ensure that the tradition remains vibrant and is passed down to the youth IPAF promotes and supports rich culture & heritage and provides global platform to artists. IPAF envisions uniting societies and culture with fusion of performing arts globally.

International Performing Arts Festival (IPAF) organizes festival in every state capital and culturally rich cities of India. It organizes festival from Ladakh to Trivendrum and Imphal to Ahmedabad every year to promote and support performing arts and Divyaang artists of the society.

This is the 2nd year IPAF has organized festival in Bengaluru. IPAF Bengaluru will be organized every year in the month of November.


Bharatnatyam by renowned Mohul Mukherjee

Mohul Mukherjee personifies a rare combination of talent, beauty and perseverance. Trained under one of the India's eminent Bharatanatyam exponents, Bangavibhushan Guru Dr. Smt. Thankamani Kutty, Mohul herself is the director of Shivamallari Dance Institute. She is going to perform VARNAM: In Ragam Kamboji set to Talam Adi.

The crowning piece of the Bharatanatyam repertoire is the varnam consisting of alternating passages of pure dance and abhinaya. This blend helps to express a theme. The theme of the varnam to be presented – the nayika or the heroine is suffering from the pangs of separation from her beloved Lord kartikeya. She begs her companion to bring him, for having known his love, she cannot bear even a moment of separation from him. She wonders why the great, the most handsome of men, the only one who could explain to his father, the meaning of OUM cannot know her deep misery.

Sattriya dance by Aarhie Kaushik

She has obtained Gunin in Sattriya Dance from Asom Sattra Mahasabha. Aarhie has been awarded a scholarship in the field of Sattriya from Centre for Cultural Resources and Training (CCRT) Ministry of Culture, Govt of India. Leela Govindam - a dance form, is a presentation of different stages & activities of Lord Krishna from his childhood to teenage based on the composition of Mahapurush Sri Srimanta Sankardeva. Leela Govindam consists of Lord Krishna’s various heroic deeds-killing of Putana, Bakasure & Kangsa & subdue of kalio & yasuda’s sight of universe. He has been able to win the hearts of people of his kingdom since his childhood. One such instance is the putnabadh. Putna, the witch, killed by Lord Krishna at a very tender age of 1 year.

Vocal Singing by Manasi Prasad

Manasi Prasad is a graded artist with All India Radio and has performed in many prestigious concerts in India and abroad, including the Raj Bhawan Concert, Bangalore; Bharat Sangeet Utsav, Chennai; Bhakta Rasika Rajani Sabha, Mumbai; and CMANA, New Jersey, USA.

Manasi Prasad will present – poetic melodies – a selection of poetry of different composers from north to south of India. 

She has conducted workshops on Indian performing arts at Chile University, South America.

Manasi Prasad received a national scholarship from the Ministry of Culture and has been awarded by prestigious organizations: Rotary Brigade Young Achievers’ Award, Shanmukhananda Yuva Kalakar Puraskar, and Sri T.V. Subha Rao Memorial Award by Music Academy, Chennai. She has many recordings to her credit.

Odissi dance by Devjani Sen & Group

As a disciple of  Padmavibhushan  Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra-, not only did Devjani Sen learn from him the nuances of stylized  Odissi dance but also  deeply imbibed his core philosophy that  “Dance is Sadhna” and  “Teaching is  Dharma” Today her senior disciple Yashna Surekha have also performed with her.The first item is an invocation piece taken from Tulsidas’s Ramcharitra Manas – Keki Kantha. It is describing Lord Rama as the handsome dark blue Lord and the one who is righteous and strong.

Pallavi means an elaboration, and here it applies to the dance as well as to the music, which accompanies it. The rendering carries dance passages of lyrical grace and charm, punctuated with stylized poses reminiscent of temple carvings. Today they will be performing Pattadip pallavi in raag Pattadip, taal Jati, 14 matra.


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