400 mothers joined in Intl Yoga Celebrations organized MillionMoms

Hyderabad, June 21, 2018…..400 mothers from underprivileged backgrounds, middle class families joined hands with school girls to celebrate International Yoga Celebrations here in the city at Skyton Garden Function Hall, Gandhinagar, Jagathgirigutta, near Kukatpally.

Some of the participants include 8 months old pregnantManasa and many muslim women too. 

400 mothers alongside girl students of Tagore's HighSchool took an active part in the 4th Edition of International Yoga Day. Themothers who participated were mostly from an underprivileged background.  50percent of them were the working women who do small works in the nearbyindustrial belt in Balanagar. They are all from a middle-class background andremaining of them were homemakers. 

Catherine Tresa, Tollywood Film Star graced thecelebrations.  She Addressed gathering on Environmental hazards onthe usage of Plastics. 

PadmasriDr. Manjula Anagani, Mr. Sai Kumar, Principal, TagoreHigh School, Dr. Mani Pavitra, the personality behind MillionMomsand  Dr. Uma Rani, Principal of Tagore HighSchool participated in thecelebrations. 

The Celebrations was organized jointly by MillionMomsand Tagore High School. 

Addressing the gathering Catherine Tresa announcedthat she would soon announce a NGO which will work on creating awareness onharmful impact of plastics on environment. It will also work on violenceagainst animal.  We will announce the name very soon. We arecontemplating with couple of names. This NGO will work in association withGHMC, she announced. 

Catherine Tresa told the gathering harmful nature ofthe plastics.  She told them in Telugu which she was picking upslowly, to separate plastic waste from other waste.  Asked them notburn plastics as that would produce poisonous gases.  Eliminatingplastics totally from the society is very difficult. But we can minimize usingit.  This NGO will be started along with Padmasri Dr. ManjulaAnagani.  

After her talk the some participants were asked toexplain whatever they understood  Renuka, Sonali, Aparna and fewother moms explained what they understood about plastics. 

Padmasri Dr. Manjula Anagani spoke on the kind of foodwomen should take their nutrition. A woman should require 1800 kilo calories aday. For which you must take a balanced diet, she told them. 

Catherine Tresa also launched cotton bags fordistribution in all the government schools in the city. Dr. Seetha, a retiredDental Doctor has been distributing thousands of cloth bags to variousgovernment schools in Balanagar, Kukatpally, Filmnagar andMadhapur.  Her aim is to reach all government schools in the citywith these cloth bags.  

Dr. Mani Pavitra accompanied by many Yoga Trainerslike Sanajana, Sunitha and other demonstrated Tadasana, Veerabhadraasana andother asanas. The participants repeated them.  They have learnt fewYogasanas, which they would like to continue at their homes. 

MillionMoms is to inspire a millionmoms.  It promotes the health and fitness of mothers.  Theinitiative is the brainchild of the city-based doctor and social entrepreneurDr. Mani Pavitra. Their target emphasizes to motivate a million moms towardhealth, fitness and immense joy. 

"Our mothers do not have time to take care oftheir own health and fitness.  It is time that we wake up to the factthat unless we do something on war footing basis, the overall wellbeing of ourmothers is not going to improve.  We at Million Moms plan to motivateat least a million moms to take charge of themselves and their health with thisinitiative”, informs Dr. Mani Pavitra. 

MillionMoms is a health initiative to motivate womenin districts of Andhra and Telangana to encourage mothers to move so that theycan have an active life. 

Sharing more details about MillionMoms, Ms. PremaManvi, another activist of the initiative said, “Mother is the important personin the world today.  Mothers mold the future of our society. If notfor our mothers, we would not be what we are today.  The sad part isthat most mothers are neglected in our society”. 

Mothers today work hard, lose their health and end upbecoming an emotional punching bag from all sides of the society - spouses,children, parents, in-laws, extended family as well asfriends.  Also, we would not want our mothers to go thru thatexperience… anymore.  MillionMoms is an initiative which will changethe status quo.  

The initiative has come into existence to make a bigdifference in Moms life.  Because,  she has given us thebirth.  Our mothers deserve to be healthy - physically, emotionally,mentally and spiritually. They deserve to live the life of aQUEEN.  A MillionMoms is an inspirational, educational platform toempower and support mothers to live the lives of their full potential.  MillionMomsblogs cover all aspects of motherhood - from preconception to post-pregnancy,to ultimately unleashing your real potential as a mother with grown-upkids.  It is headed by Dr. Mani Pavitra  and passionateteam of experts.  The topics cover the solutions to all practicalchallenges faced by a mother - be it physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. 

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