5th edition of White Collar Bouts by the Fitness Fight Club a huge success!

7th December 2017, Bangalore: Fitness Fight Club (FFC), India’s only fitness center to introduce White Collar Bouts to India presented the 5th Edition of this unique event at the Shangri-la.

Withjust 12 weeks of training at the Club, 24 fighters, all coming from business /corporate backgrounds, were pitted against each other and showcased theirimpressive skills to a crowd of 600 invited guests. One of the most anticipatedand premium charity fundraisers to take place annually in Bangalore, theproceeds from this year’s event was given to Vs - The Austin Foundation to helpunderprivileged children in need of heart surgeries. In the last four years, Vs- The Austin Foundation, through Manipal and Fortis Hospitals, has helped 233children with their heart surgeries.

Fromthe likes of boxing, wrestling to Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Combat sport isgrowing in demand among men and women alike. Fitness enthusiasts are not onlylooking to lean out and build muscle, they are keen to undergo grueling andrigorous fighting focused fitness activities that enable them to learnself-defense, as well as give them an opportunity to incorporate fighting boutsinto their existing workouts, and try something outside of their comfort zone.

AtFFC, their main objective is to remove the stigma surrounding thismisunderstood sport, and educate the masses on its benefits and the differentways in which these arts can change one’s life to their benefit in India. TheWhite Collar Bouts gives business professionals the ultimate taste of what it’slike to train, compete and live a life of a world-class professional fighter.

AustinPrakesh - Founder and Head Coach at FFC commented, “With this initiative, weaim to make Bangaloreans take pride in themselves; leaving them feeling moreconfident, rejuvenated and creating an overall definite positive factor intheir daily life. Combat training not only provides a total body workout, butboxing techniques offer fantastic cardiovascular benefits along with improvedstrength and endurance. I also believe that martial arts through fitness helpseveryone, especially women and kids, to protect themselves in the time ofneed.”

Someof the eminent corporate personalities who participated in the matches includedAnjali Dongre – Reliance, Smita Nair – Cushman & Wakefield, Dr. PraveenGanesh – Mazumbar Shaw Medical Center, Densyl Jacob – TCS, Aditya Virwani -Embassy Group, Jagadish Subramani – Sign-it, Nitasha Sreekumar - Cushman &Wakefield, Daanish Zackria – Harkness Screens, Rachelle Kunders – FFC, ArunKumar – IBM, Prathiba Sivatmika – Inter Globe Aviation and Anuraag R - OLA.

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