63 Year RAMESH BABU Succeeds in Setting his 70th World Record

Bengaluru July 2019. Ramesh Babu broke an existing World Record in “Longest Duration Setu Bandhasana” and set my 70th World Record, with the record duration being 3 times the present record. The record was set on 9 July, 2019, commencing at 8.30 A.M., at VIDYANJALI Academy For Learning, Cholanayakanahalli, R.T.Nagar, Bangalore 560032, which was witnessed by nearly 400 school children and staff.

This is a very strenuous and physically quite challenging record, particularly considering his age of 63 Years. However, he had been very systematically practicing hard twice a day and routinely breaking the present WR timing of 8 Min. duration. The longest duration in Setu Bhandasana posture comfortably achieved by him during the practice sessions was 20 Minutes. However, with a high level of focus and hard determination, today he  succeeded in surpassing his  best performance pushing hi stamina and endurance to human limits and achieved a staggering 24 Minutes duration of staying in the Setu Bhandasana, which is 3 times the present WR timing of 8 minutes recognized by the Golden Book of World Records. 

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