69% VP-level officials consider ‘Communication Skill’ essential for using AI successfully

Mumbai, December 05, 2019: Dale Carnegie of India launched a new whitepaper, ‘The New Competitive Divide: Building the Foundation of Organizational Agility’ at the fifth Global Leadership Award 2019. This whitepaper presents Dale Carnegie’s latest research on the role of agility in adapting to the rapidly evolving workplace. The paper highlights agility in the context of the massive changes that are anticipated from the implementation of artificial intelligence (AI), and provides a framework for leaders, addressing important considerations for people who want to approach building agility within their organization in a deliberate way.

This whitepaper was launched on the side-lines of Dale Carnegie of India’s flagship annual award ceremony, Global Leadership Award (GLA) 2019. The organization has been instrumental in recognizing companies that implement new strategies in leadership and development sector. This year’s GLA, hosted at St. Regis Mumbai, saw the presence of delegates from prestigious companies from across different sectors. Otis India was declared as the winner of this year’s Global Leadership Award. The first runner-up award was presented to Jana Small Finance Bank.

On the day of the event, a panel discussion was organized to gather views and opinion about the whitepaper topic – ‘Building blocks of organizational agility’. The panelists were Ms. Pallavi Jha, Chairperson and MD, Dale Carnegie of India, Noha El Daly, EMEA & APAC Vice President, Dale Carnegie & Associates, Seema Nair, Senior EVP & Head - People Development Group, Reliance Industries Ltd. and Bobby Kuriakose, Director - HR and Learning & Development at the Forbes Marshall Group. This discussion, moderated by Sanjay Jha, Executive Director Dale Carnegie highlighted important survey findings such as 68% of respondents think that getting additional training is extremely important to avoid losing jobs, given the advancements in AI in the workplace.

According to the whitepaper, agility requires an openness to new information and learning and a positive attitude towards change. Agile organizations free people to experiment, adapt and innovate. As the pace of change accelerates and AI gains momentum, these imperatives have come in the limelight, but in reality, they have always been part of the attributes that put people and companies ahead.

Pallavi Jha, Chairperson & Managing Director, Dale Carnegie of India said, “The fundamentals of agility are at the heart of Dale Carnegie’s approach to relationships. The Global Leadership Award recognizes companies who are committed and dedicated to improving their performance by developing talent and nurturing employee skills. We are delighted to announce XXX as the winner of Global Leadership Award 2019 for their innovative process of bringing in advanced training and leadership programs and driving impactful results. We look forward to encouraging and rewarding many more companies that are trailblazers in their people development initiatives to bring a different outlook in the industry.”

On receiving the award, a spokesperson from OTIS India said, “It’s an honor and a privilege to receive this prestigious award from Dale Carnegie. A lot of hard work and effort has gone behind this achievement. Our team has identified, sensed the pulse of an employee and simple things like how a service or a sales person can be our customer. We have imparted training to all our employees, and we take pride in staying connected to our customers. Simplicity has been a key factor behind all our successful initiatives and has been a wonderful experience so far.”

2019 edition of Global Leadership Award received an encouraging number of applications from some of India’s most esteemed companies. Bajaj Allianz General Insurance was the winner of Global Leadership award 2018, Infosys BPM was the first runner-up and second runner-up was Cisco Systems.

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