Pawan R. C. , a young and iconic thinker , famous for his revolutionary approach to make learning fun, refreshing and interactive , launched an educational kit for the future . It consists of two books , a self - study kit, and details of world class A+ workshops designed by him.

The socialvision of this new and innovative approach is that each class is designed as astudio , which deals with one subject at a time. The students , for example ,after a science class , will move to a different studio for attending the classof the next subject . Teacher s will remain in their respective studios.  

The studiosbelong to the teachers. It is the students who keep moving to different studiosafter every period of their class . There is an altogether different world forstudents to learn. The studios have been created and design Ed after carefulconsultation with teachers, parents and eminent experts .  

The wholedesign is intended to create a community of free thinkers , who would beenabled to make richer , stronger contributions to themselves and society. 

R C Pawaninteracted with students , parents and educationists in a packed Satya SaiAuditorium , next to Forum Mall , Koramangala ,  The chief guest wasArfeen Khan , celebrated public speaker and personal coach of Hrithik Roshanand other Bollywood celebrities .

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