Bengaluru, 28th December, 2017: 92.7 BIG FM, India’s largest radio network, has successfully launched another season of its highly appreciated social initiative BE SANTA, for Christmas. Similar to its previous year, the radio station, this time too has taken a strong step towards spreading joy among underprivileged kids by inviting donations in the form of gifts from citizens. Sensitizing listeners about self-contribution for social causes, 92.7 BIG FM Bengaluru has joined hands with Milaap Foundation and Shishu Mandir who have lent their unconditional support for this one of a kind initiative.

92.7 BIG FMBengaluru formed a team of 6 members known as #BIGCoffeeBrigade who supportedthe campaign by aggressively spreading the message onsocial media and also collected toys from all over the city and distributed itto the homeless children. Spearheading the campaign, MJ Shruti was also a partof the toy collection across the city. The toys will be donated to the kids ofShishu Mandir- an orphanage which not only provides the basic necessities butalso provides education to these kids. Going an extra mile, the BIGCoffeeBrigadewas also seen dressed as Santa Claus spreading smiles while donating the giftsto the children. 

Speaking onthe initiative MJ Shruti said “I am proud to be a part of such a noble causeinitiated by 92.7 BIG FM Bengaluru. We are too occupied to think about helpingsomeone in our daily routine. But with this campaign, I would only urge moreand more people to come be a part in donating gifts with an open heart andspread joy and happiness to all those homeless children out there”.

The BIGCoffee Brigade included a robust team of Manju Vikas Shastry, HR manager byprofession who also runs the Aksharaa Charitable Trust,  Sharath Gowda,Cab driver by profession but runs the Yuvashakthi Rakthadaana Balaga, DrP.C Tejaswi, Laser Eye Surgeon who does free screening and camps and treatmentsfor the underprivileged, Lakshmikanth A Pujar, Senior Engineer by professionrunning the Matrubhoomi trust for the poor, Veeru Jadav, Team Leader byprofession who is actively involved in charity and social service, andManjunath Saleru, Assistant Manager by profession who is actively involved incharity and social service.

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