93.5 RED FM’s MusiCom, performed across 6 cities of India with Indian Ocean and ATD

14th August 2017, National: With successful performances of their newest IP ‘MusiCom’, Red FM, India’s most awarded and largest private radio network continues to surprise the live entertainment space. RED FM worked closely with artists, brands and agencies in curating innovative properties across different domains of creative arts. A rare mix of music and stand-up comedy with iconic bandIndian Ocean and edgy comedians from Aisi Taisi Democracy, it is one of a kind endeavour from Red FM. The multi-city tour kick started from Kolkata, and travelled to Delhi, Mumbai, Chandigarh, and Bangalore and finally wrapping up in Pune.

While the satirist humor of Varun Grover, Rahul Ram and Sanjay Rajouraleft the audience in-splits, the gripping music of Indian Ocean transportedthem back in time.  As the pioneers of Indie music took the stage andstarted playing their much-appreciated tracks from their celebrated albumsIndian Ocean, Desert Rain, Kandisa, Jhini, Black Friday and more, thecrowd couldn’t stop cheering.  The music festival moved from one city toanother, rendering a mesmerizing experience of sharp & quick-witted humorof ATD which dwelled on political satire, cleverly questioning the status quo,often, mimicking the society’s views and opinions, along with seminalcompositions of Indian Ocean that had created the path-breaking genre of fusionmusic in India since 90’s.


Speaking at the successful event, Nisha Narayanan, COO, Red FM said,“Our constant effort has always been to create innovative content for the REDFM fans. MusiCom has been one such effective attempt. We are very excited aboutthe new IP of ours where we have experimented with a different content formatwhich is etched in our DNA where our listeners get a blend of socially relevantyet entertaining comedy and soulful music together.”

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