A 13-year-old singer’s ode to social equality

Hyderabad, 25 October, 2018: He has just entered the world of teenagers but comes across as who has developed a worldly outlook.

To a man of the street, 13-year-old Master Pradyumna may look like another school-going kid keen on finishing his classes for the day and catch up with extra-curricular activities.

His special inclination is singing and that he does with rare dexterity. The best part of the lad is that he is already showing signs of a socially mature individual. Towards this, he has cut a song “Enduku Enduku”, which revolves around ‘Caste Equality’

The ‘Stand up for Equality’ programme that marked the launch of the whiz kid’s CD carrying a social message has been jointly collaborated by Music director- Shashi Preetam and MelbourneMAMA, a Melbourne-based Indian student community social media channel.

The song was launched at Narasimha Reddy Engineering Collage (Maisammaguda, Kompally) in which over 200 college students applauded the boy and his emotional appeal.

Later, they all debated on “Raising Opinion on Equality”. Irrespective of the stand the participants took there was wholesome praise for the boy wonder, who is studying eighth standard in Suchitra Academy.

MelbourneMAMA, which promotes Indian culture Down Under via their channel, and has been founded by Satish Varma and team, liked Pradyumna’s initiative so much that they decided to support him and promote his ideology across the globe .

It was the same sort backing that came from Actress Sufi Khan, Dr.Shekar Babu, Principal Narsimha Reddy Engineering college and Youtube stars like “My Village Show Team (Youtubers), Sowmya ( Social Media Influencer and Shravya Dhethadi Pilla fame (Youtuber).

In his remarks, Pradymna said, ‘I owe everything to my parents who helped me see the world in its truest form. I am also a responsible citizen. The caste system is causing social inequality in our country. I believe there is only one caste  ...the Caste of humanity..there is only one religion ...the religion of love ..there is only one language..the language of the heart ..

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