A football-sized Ovarian cyst removed successfully from the left ovary of a 63-year-old women

Bangalore, November 11, 2019: A 63 year old woman from Hindupur was relieved of a massive ovarian cyst which was present in her left ovary at Fortis Hospital, Bannerghatta Road. The team of doctors were led by Dr Sandeep Nayak, Surgical Oncology, Robotics, and Laparoscopic surgery, Fortis Hospitals Bangalore and Dr Sreekanth Reddy, Surgical Oncologist,Fortis hospital Bannerghatta road.

Ovarian cyst is a common health condition among women. It is a fluid-filled sac that forms in the ovary. These cysts generally disappear on its own without any medical assistance. However, in a few cases, the complications might aggravate and the ovary bearing cyst needs to be removed surgically. Larger complex cyst is more likely to be cancerous.  In this case, the cyst had grown up to 25*25cms in a time span of over 60 days which caused abdominal discomfort to the patient. With the presence of such a large mass and the reduced bladder capacity, she felt the urge of passing urine every 5 minutes. Post diagnosis, the team of doctors decided to surgically excise the ovary. The microscopic test of the cyst proved it to be benign cyst.

Dr Sandeep Nayak, Surgical Oncology, Robotics, and Laparoscopic surgery, Fortis Hospitals Bangalore said “The patient had arrived with the chief complaints of abdominal enlargement, difficulty in breathing and an increase in the frequency of urination the past few days.  The CT scan reported the presence of a cyst in the left ovary which had grown to a large size. The surgery was successfully conducted and the patient withstood the procedure well.”

Nisha (name changed),  I was really worried about my health condition and had no idea about such a big cyst that was brewing in my ovary. That is when my family and I decided to consult the doctors at Fortis for further medical assistance. I was taken aback and scared when I was told about the size of the cyst and that it was quite rare. However,  I am grateful to the doctor and his team who saved me from a complicated situation and for also being cooperative throughout the procedure.

Benign cysts or ovarian cyst is a noncancerous and most common gynecological problem found in women.  They vary in size and may occur in different places in the ovary. Most of the ovarian masses are harmless, but in some rare cases, it can be cancerous and can turn life threatening. The larger and more complex cysts of ovary have a higher risk of being cancerous. 

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