A free Workshop on an Effective Thesis and Dessertation Writing

Hyderabad, July 12, 2019. A Free Workshop on Effective Thesis and Dissertation Writing will be held in the city on Sunday July 21st @ Media Plus Auditorium, Gunfoundry, Abids, Above KFC. It will be Organized by Prashas Research Consulting Pvt. Ltd. The Two and Half an Hour workshop will be jointly felicitated by Prof D K Lal Das, Prof Raghavendra D Kulkarni, Dr G Ashirvadam Gidla and Dr S Rajya Laxmi

The entry is free and is open to all aspiring scholars.  It will be held at 2.30pm and will go on till 5 pm

The thesis writer must know what the Thesis /Research/Dissertation is all about? He must keep his or her eyes open, read lot of journals to find a un answered question or a problem that is waiting to be solved. But, most of the time, this is ignored.   

The Dissertation/Thesis Writing Boot Camp is a program of Prashas Research that gives its participants a chance to make some serious progress on their dissertation.  It is a rare opportunity to students, researchers, teachers etc. The workshop will provide the support and the solution to all kinds of difficulties they come across during their project work.

An effective thesis is not a simple affair or not even a mono syllable answer.   It is not even a topic nor a fact or an expert opinion.  It is an argument, presentation of a case.  Without an argument, a thesis is dead without any trace. Your great idea has to convince the reader about something the research scholar is writing about.

A Thesis should tell what you are planning to argue, and how you are planning to argue the same. It has to be an original thought.  A thesis should not be very vague, combative or confrontational in nature. A thesis writer must be a persuasive writer.  An effective thesis can put a definable, arguable claim. It should be clear and specific as possible. A good thesis has two parts. It should tell what you plan to argue, and how you plan to argue.

Aimed at students and Research Scholars the main objective of this workshop according to Dr D K Lal Das is to help them improve their academic writing skills. 

Developing Thesis is an art, a talent and a skill.  Unfortunately there is no formal training is available.  And they just have to depend on their guide.  The Workshop brings together a collective wisdom and collective knowledge from wide spectrum of professionals and experts.  Experts will coach how to structure thesis. 

The workshop consists of a structured talk, fundamentals for writing thesis.  Overview of thesis, introduction to thesis, structure, common dos and don'ts etc.  By the end of the session participants will develop their understand the purpose and scope of a thesis, style and  structure of the thesis;  understand university regulations governing the  thesis; familiarize what may and may not be included in a thesis and how to acknowledge any joint work; identify practical ways in which the thesis may be planned, drafted and completed and understand the role of their supervisor in this process; develop understand of writing tools and strategies to help them get started and gain comfort and confidence to  in their ability to write the thesis

A master thesis generally has to be about 80 to 120 pages excluding bibliography. but the actual length will vary according to the topic and method of analysis.  So the appropriate length will depend on the writer and his guide.  A PhD dissertation must not exceed 80,000 words, and will normally be near that length. The word limit includes appendices but excludes footnotes, references and bibliography. Footnotes should not exceed 20% of the dissertation.

When it came to number of chapters, some 500 plus theses when examined had six, seven, or eight chapters; the seven-chapter thesis was the most common.  Together with the support from the workshop, you can stop worrying and start writing with confidence. Just your participation in the workshop will help you overcome your writing hurdles. 

The participants will receive tailored advice and learn how to overcome the problems you face as you structure your thesis. That way, you can stop worrying and start writing with confidence. Designed to provide resources, strategies and information to make beginning your thesis or dissertation less daunting This workshop day will cover topics such as selecting a research topic, structuring your thesis or dissertation, writing a literature review, conducting research with integrity and knowing when ethics clearance is necessary, and using strategies for finding and recording research sources.

It will be an interesting and important Boot Camp on the subjecting something which was never organized.  Interested may register free of cost on phone: 7330661840.  The entry is restricted to first fifty participants. 

The area of support encompasses from understanding the details of project till providing all the related services, starting from research topic choice support, to proof reading & editing services for Thesis/Dissertations, PhD Thesis Writing Service, Statistics Help, Plagiarism Removal, Custom Writing, Layout Formatting, Peer Review to Data Collection etc., we offer customized solutions for a wide range of requirements. We have designed an easy and ready to go package for Dissertation Help and Dissertation editing services.

Our vision is to help users and other technical inputs give their project idea a tangible shape by providing useful date, statistics and information, charts

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