A Monumental tribute to Shaheed Bhagat Singh

Bengaluru, 27th September 2017. They Hung Bhagat Singh, but he never died, He lives on to inspire the millions of youth of India. The true dream hero, icon of India’s FREEDOM.

The National Drivers Union of India withthousands of members across the country, along with Sculptor John Devarajpropose to build a monumental tribute to Shaheed Bhagat Singh.

The unique monument will involve hundredsof youth, bureaucrats, patriotic citizens , dignitaries, celebrities who willadd a trowel of cement on the sculpture and contribute to creating thispowerful image. The activity is to enlighten the youth and empower them,motivate and inspire to work for India said Mr. Gandasi Sadananda Swamy,President, The National Drivers Union of India.

The sculptural activity will be held at FREEDOM park commencing from 28th September 2017 at 11am celebrating Bhagath Singhs Birthday until 2nd October 2017, Mahatma Gandhi’s Birthday. The first trowel of Cement will be done by Mr. HT. Sangliana, The Iconic Police Man.

Appealing all the citizens kindly Grace the occasion and start the building processes with the first trowel of Cement. Come celebrate the Hero's birthday. Play music.  Read a poem. Enjoy all creative expressions on FREEDOM at FREEDOM PARK and build the youth icon of India. Be a part bring along artist friends. 

For more details call : Sadanand Swamy or JohnDevaraj NDU, President.  9740160669  Sculptor. 9886306366

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