A new book “Understanding Learning Difficulties” launched

Hyderabad, April 12, 2018. Farida Raj, the city’s well known Remedial Teaching Expert, Educationist, Award-winning Author, Social Activist and Columnist launched her latest book “Understanding Learning Difficulties.” Published by Cambridge University Press. It is her second book.

The book isauthored as part of a series of books that aims to help teachers in primary andsecondary schools with their professional training anddevelopment.  The series is written for teachers of English as wellas those who teach other subjects through English.  Written in aneasy to understand style and simple language, the books in the series assumelittle prior knowledge of pedagogy and theories of languageteaching.  The topics and issues addressed in the books in thisseries would be relevant to teachers both in India and in other SAARC countriesinformed Farida Raj while interacting with the media here in the citytoday.  

Somestudents are a puzzle to teachers.  Approximately ten per cent of allschool going children have difficulty with classroom learning said FaridaRaj.   These students are similar to their classmates in everyrespect, but for academics, she added. 

We labelsuch stunts as lazy and subject them to punishment.  They get teasedby their classmates and come under tremendous mental strain.  Theyfail despite their best efforts.  Each of them has different problemswith learning.  One of them is eight-year-old Atul left his answersheets blank in exams because he could not read the questions.  Itwas misfortune because he knew the answers.  Arti had difficulty copyingfrom the blackboard.  Arif wrote b as d n as uand  punished every day.  Children such as Atul, Arti, andArif go through a difficult time in the classroom as do their parents.  

It becomesnecessary for a teacher to recognize the probable cause of their failure andattempt to remedy it. The teacher needs to understand both their strengths andweaknesses to help them overcome these difficulties, says Farida Raj. 

Unfortunately,in India and in our neighboring countries,  teachers are forced tomanage their teaching without ongoing professional assistance.  Theyalso know this. To help their students, they want to learn more and teachbetter, but do not have access to either in service or onlinecourses.  The book meant to support such professionals informed theauthor. 

“Teach th child the way he/she learns,” says Farida Raj, whose latest book in Urdu “Hamari Sehat Ki Zamin” received Telangana State Urdu Academy Award recently.  Shewon first prize and meritorious certificate along with cash prize for thebook “Hamari Sehat Ki Zamin” forcreating awareness on women-related health issues. 

Farida Rajwas born in Mumbai and is now settled in Hyderabad.  She authoredfour books--two in English(Braking Through and Understanding Learning Difficulties) and two inUrdu(Zaviye Zindagike) a Hamari Sehat Ki Zamin.  Her firstbook Breaking Through got translated into Hindi, Marathi, and Telugu. 

Recipientof Laadli Media Award, FaridaRaj has been in teaching for the past 35 years.  She was into mainstream teaching for few years and for the last 30years she has been intoRemedial Teaching (teaching students with learning difficulties). She wasassociated with SCERT(StateCouncil of Educational Research and Training).  She set up herown center, Centre for SpecialEducation which assesses students who do not do well in studies andsuggests remedial teaching methods. 

The Laadli Media Awards for Gender Sensitivity is the only one of itskind in the world given exclusively for promoting gender sensitivity in the media.The awards are supported by UNFPA in the past. 

She is acolumnist and contributed columns to The Hindu Deccan Chronicle, New IndianExpress, and Siasat. 

Farida Raj visits the old city, creates awareness to women on Breast andCervical cancer.  She is a member of Palliative Care Society ofHyderabad.  Palliative is a kind of specialized care given to peoplewith life-limiting illnesses such as terminally ill cancer patients etc. Itfocuses on providing relief from the symptoms, pain, physical stress, andmental stress of a terminal diagnosis

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