A new paradigm of education dawns in Bengaluru

Bengaluru, January 25, 2017: A new day dawns in the Garden City with the launch of Nalapad Academy today. A school with a difference, the guiding principles of Nalapad Academy makes education fun, interactive and engaging and not a chore for the students.

“It is a momentous occasion,” said Mr. NA Haris, founder of Nalapad Academy. “We are on a mission to change the way education is imparted and focus on the overall development of our students, and equipping them with key life skills so that they are 21st Century ready.” 

Nalapad Academy, situated in the heart of Bengaluru, equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, is deeply rooted and grounded in traditional values. 

“At Nalapad Academy,” Mr N A Haris said. “We do not believe in burdening the students with homework, our teaching is so structured that each student gets to complete their assignments within school hours.” 

This means, lighter bags, and spending quality time at home with their parents and family. 

Helping the overall development of the students’ primary, and this is the reason why this location of the campus was chosen. 

“In thisfast paced world, I am sure this Academy with its innovative approach, willprovide the much needed installation of traditional values, and also help ourchildren to be less burdened with assignments and homework,” Mr. NA Mohammedadded. 

“Weemphasize on the process of connect among Parents, Students and Teacher throughregular contact from the time child leaves the home for school in the morninguntil they reach back home in the evening,” Mr Haris said. 

NalapadAcademy believes in collective development, the emphasis is on the ‘We’ and notthe ‘I’…together we can make a difference. Nalapad Academy seeks not only to beone of its kind institution in Bengaluru but also be a role model for schoolsacross India.

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