A Panel Discussion “Women & Wealth” held

Hyderabad, October 14, 2017: There are two myths that Women are not comfortable in handling money and Women are not good in numbers. Heads of many banks—SBI, ICICI, AXIS are women shows that women are good in both: Mr. Amit Trivedi , Founder Karamyog Knowledge Academy Who is associated with capital markets for two decades. It is also a myth that only men are good investors, says an expert. Women are better savers and investors: Mr. Hemant Rastogi , CEO Wiseinvest Advisor, a veteran of the financial sector, columnist. The way women nurture families, also nurture wealth: an expert .

FICCI LadiesOrganisation organized a Panel Discussion on “Women & Wealth” here in thecity  on October 13, 2017. The objectiveof the Panel Discussion was to create awareness for the members of FLO onChallenges, Changes, and Keys to Prosperity on the issue.


Prior to the paneldiscussion, Kamini Saraf, Chairperson of FICCI FLO Hyderabad Chapter togetherwith the four Panelists Mr. Gaurav Mashruwala, Founder Cutting Edge; Mr. HemantRastogi , CEO Wiseinvest Advisors; Mr. Amit Trivedi , Founder KaramyogKnowledge Academy and Mr. Rajiv Bajaj(CMD, Bajaj Capital Ltd) addressed a pressconference. Addressing the media Kamini Saraf asked how smart are women inmanaging their wealth? It is a wake up call.  This discussion isabout empowering women as future shock proof, she informed.


Women and Financeare important. But it is the least discussed subject.  There is verylittle literature available on the subject. There are no books,articles.  50 percent partners in our life are women.  Whyare they not partners in our wealth? he asked. Women are shoulder to shoulderwith men and are even ahead of men in some fields.  Financialliteracy of women is the need of the hour, said Rajiv Bajaj, who isextremely passionate about spreading financial literacy among the masses.Involve all women in financial decisions he told.


There are twomyths—1. Women are not comfortable in handling money, 2. Women are not good innumbers? If these are true!! Why are there so many women inbanking.  The Chiefs of SBI, ICICI, Axis are headed by women. Thegreat mathemeticians, mental calculator popularly known as the ‘human computer’is the woman.  If women are not good in numbers, what aboutShankuntala Devi, asked Mr. AmitTrivedi , Founder Karamyog Knowledge Academy Who is associated withcapital markets for two decades. Amit has written "Riding The RollerCoaster - Lessons from financial market cycles we repeatedly forget" bookpublished by BestSeller18 - a CNBC group company.


Mr. Hemant Rastogi , CEO Wiseinvest Advisor, a veteran of the financial sector, columnist says,surveys after surveys said that women are better savers and investors. We don’tknow if that applies to India.  There are three traits—patience,perseverance and planning are the important traits for investment. And womenposses all of them abundantly.  It is only a myth that only men aregood investors.  How come goddess Lakshmi is women? The way womennurture families, also nurture wealth.  Why our scripts depictedwealth with women?  As per the scriptures, women were the partners inthe wealth, he said


The panelists alsoobserved that it not great to invest in gold.  Jewellery is not theright investment.  Those who invest in Gold must know this, theyobserved. Later welcoming the gathering at the Panel Discussion, KaminiSaraf said, Women have long been relegated to the sidelines of the financialservices sector, where advisers have traditionally focused on men and theirmoney. Women too are engaged in professions and businesses on par with themen.  And more women are outliving their spouses inearning.  They hold an increasing share of jobs and have been takinggreater control over the family finances. Hence, this discussion to helpthem understand the process and get equipped informed Kamini Saraf, Chairpersonof FLO Hyderabad while addressing the press conference prior to the paneldiscussion.


The Panelists Mr. GauravMashruwala, Founder Cutting Edge; Mr. Hemant Rastogi , CEO Wiseinvest Advisors;Mr. Amit Trivedi, Founder Karamyog Knowledge Academy and Mr. Rajiv Bajaj, CMD,Bajaj Capital Ltd participated in  the panel discussion and answeredto many questions raised by the 150 plus audience. 

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