Abbott’s New PediaSure® Cookies & Cream ensures Summer Break is a good #timetogrow for Children

May 24, 2018 – "Is my child eating right?", is a concern many young parents face with their children. As kids enjoy their high activity summer break, it is important for parents to offer a complete and balanced nutrition and ensure their kids’ growth is not compromised. There's now a nutritious and tasty option to address this concern as Abbott introduces the all new PediaSure flavour, Cookies & Cream for children two years and above.

PediaSure Cookies & Cream provides complete andbalanced nutrition for a growing child at nutritional risk. Packed with 37vital nutrients, it supports a child's growing height, weight and energyrequirements. During summer vacation, fun takes centrestage and disciplineabout nutrition is often broken as children consume unhealthy foods or eat atirregular times. Two servings (morning and evening) of PediaSure go a long waytowards building immunity as well as physical and brain development in children– and the new flavour is great for children who are very selective in theirtaste preferences. With summers in full swing, and schools closed for holidays,it is the perfect time to keep activity levels up and good health at its peakfor school-going kids. 

At the launch event, Actress Lara Dutta, motherto a six-year-old, spoke about the importance of optimum nutrition in holisticchild growth. 

"During summers, my daughter is filled with ideas– to play new games, places to go and have lots of uninterrupted fun. I am sureall young ones look forward to the summer break the same way. While childrenare excited about holidays, parents often stress about how they can engage themeffectively and ensure that they eat right. My daughter has very strong tastepreferences, and I am on the look-out for food options that are not justhealthy but also tasty and packed with nutrients," she said, as she sharedher experience of raising her child. 

Amal Kelshikar, Country Head & GeneralManager - India at Abbott Nutrition shared,“We understand howparents worry about their kids' complete nutrition and growth,particularly so in the summer break time when meal-time discipline becomesflexible and play time takes centerstage. PediaSure is the No. 1 brandrecommended by pediatricians all around the world. PediaSureis a scientifically proven supplement to improve linear growth without excessweight gain in children at nutritional risk. We have added to PediaSure adelicious twist, with the new Cookies & Cream flavour that will appeal toevery child's palate while offering them the healthy nutrition they need." 

"Summeris not just a season – it’s an opportunity to refresh, relax, learn and grow,for kids. I often meet moms who come to me for advice on a balanced diet fortheir kids. I always recommend a lot of outdoor play, minimal screen time ontelevision and phone, and most importantly, I tell them not to lose focus onbalanced nutrition. Children’s diet should be wholesome, healthy and have theright blend of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals to supporttheir growth and development needs,” said Dr Indu Khosla, practicing pediatrician atCloudnine Hospital.

“A child’s formative years, two to six years, lay thefoundation for motor, cognitive, social, and emotional skills for life. Duringthis period, children witness rapid linear growth, continued development oforgans and neural expansion.  Therefore, this is the time when childrenhave specific nutritional requirements and high energy needs. Along with a varietyof foods to ensure a balanced diet, for some children it is imperative tointroduce an oral nutrition supplement formulated to take care of nutrientrequirements for this age so that they do not miss out on overall growth,”said Dr Eileen Canday, HOD Nutrition & Dietetic Department, SirH.N. Reliance Foundation Hospital, at the launch.

PediaSure Cookies & Cream is available nationwideat most major retailers and online. To learn more about your child's wholesomenutrition, visit OR

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