Ace Social Impact Investor Douglas Vaughn visits India

New Delhi, 11th November 2017: Mr. Douglas Vaughn is the Managing Partner of Tricolor Cleantech Capital, a US based social impact fund that has been formed with the sole objective of making safe water available to communities in India. Recently he visited India, more specifically Delhi NCR and Mumbai with the sole objective to witness the expansion of JanaJal water ATMS which is their first investment in the social sector in India. On the occasion Mr. Douglas Vaughn said “Our Company’s future plans include increasing the footprint beyond the existing regions of Mumbai and Delhi NCR to other parts of the country. I would also like to congratulate the entire team at JanaJal for their efforts that seems to ensure that the company is well on track to achieve its first target of 1000 commissioned water ATMs by the end of 2018.”


Tricolor Cleantech Capital wasfounded in early 2017 with a vision towards solving big problems ofavailability and accessibility of safe water across large communities indeveloping countries like India. The company's focuses is on bringing clean andpotable water to people at places where finding safe water is achallenge.  Tricolor Cleantech Capital invested in JanaJal, a social enterprise based in New Delhi, India thathas developed a highly robust and sustainable operating model of making safewater available through installation and operations of water ATMs.


India being acountry where many millions go daily without access to safe drinking water,Tricolor’s strategy is to support and adopt a financially sustainable approachso that the opportunities can generate sufficient returns to survive over thelong term while delivering significant social and environmental benefits.  

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