AcTouch Technologies launches Dhandha Mobile Apps

Bengaluru, February 02, 2019: AcTouch Technologies, one of India’s leading Cloud ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Companies has announced the launch of Dhandha MobileApps - India’s first multilingual free GST Mobile Apps. The Apps is available in multiple languages like English, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Gujarati, Punjabi & Marathi. The multi language feature solves the language barriers allowing the users to select the language of their choice to prepare the invoice.

Dhandha Apps is available for downloads on the play store absolutely free, it is simple and user friendly. Now business owners need not worry on the mundane work and focus on Sales and revenue generation. They can keep a track of their cash flows, expenses and income reports on the go.

This Apps is focussed for Consultants, Small Business Owners, Jobwork and Small manufacturing Companies, Freelance Professionals etc.

The Apps provides GST compliant invoicing and Billing, GST Details, managing & tracking of bills, payments, receipts, & reports. All these, right at the convenience of a personal device like a Smart Phone. 

Best feature of the app is the interface to Tally Software for Accounting entries. The Tally interface allows to export the Bills and Invoice details in excel which can be shared with the CA for tax compilation and Auditing.

Dhandha Apps promises Bank Level Data Security & there is no worry of losing data on the mobile as the data is safe & secure on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud with highest level of data encryption and Security.

Nityananda Rao, CEO of AcTouch, highlighting the importance of the Dhandha Apps  launch said, “Our single most focus is to simplify the business operations of the SME’s while being cognisant of their circumstances and needs. During one of the brain-storming sessions, we realised that there are more than 50 million+ SME’s with no access to computers. Thus, we identified a business opportunity and Dhandha Apps became a reality! Adding the multi lingual feature in the app was again a well thought out approach to help the business owners to do accounting in their language. Depending on the response and demand, we plan to launch in many more languages shortly”. 

For those who prefer a web browser can still access the GST filing feature on their computers with the Web Interface login on

For any other business enquiries - Contact: 9036012094 

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