Advanced Navigated Knee Replacement Surgery Helps 75-yr old Get Back on His Feet

Bangalore, January 30, 2017: For more than 6 years now, 75 year old, Ibrahim Mohamed Ahmed Elaas was unable to perform his normal day to day activities as he was suffering from severe pain in both his knee joints and right shoulder joint. He thought he will never be able to walk again or lift his hand. He had not walked a single step for the last few months.

His both knees where bent by 70 degree and he was not able to even lie comfortably on bed due to this.Whereas his right shoulder joint pain has increased since 3 months and he was unable to lift his hand. He travelled to India for treatment. A team of doctors from Vikram Hospital, Bangalore’s trusted Quaternary Care and Multi-Speciality Hospital led by Dr. Chethan Nagraj, Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon, and Specialist in Joint Replacement & Arthroscopy Vikram Hospital Bengaluru diagnosed him. Dr. Chethan Nagraj, said, "At Vikram, we examined both his knee joints and his right shoulder. Considering the complexity of his condition we performed a bilateral total knee replacement first and plan to do shoulder replacement after 3 months. He had gross deformity in both his knees and so performing total knee replacement was a challenge and adequate preparation and precautions had to be taken. 

India is fast becoming a destination of choice for advanced medical treatment due to high quality healthcare offered to patients by world-class hospitals and facilities. Currently, Indian hospitals perform more than 200,000 joint replacement surgeries every year. This figure is estimated to grow at additional 50,000 surgeries per year.#m_761035883587546778__ftn1" title="">[1] 

Dr. Chethan Nagraj, Consultant OrthopedicSurgeon, Spcecialist in Joint Replacement & Arthroscopy Vikram HospitalBengaluru, "Today, thanks to the advanced technology,new implant designs and improved surgical techniques, total knee replacement isone of the most successful orthopedic procedures. The unique bilateralknee replacement surgery aided by computer navigation allows patients towalk on the very same day. The patient experiences substantial pain relief andspeedy restoration of function which will last for at least 15 to 20 years in90% of patients.#m_761035883587546778__ftn2" title="">[2] Kneereplacements can be a simple surgery at an expert hand. However, there weremany challenges while treating unevenly deformed knees like that of Mr.Ibrahim’s”. 

Upon his recovery, a beaming Ahmed said,"I was so scared of the surgery, but the team at Vikram was excellent intheir care. I felt at home here. Moreover, the post operative care by theanaesthetic team was so smooth that I felt no surgical pain. Thanks to thephysiotherapy, today I can stand and even walk with walker support." 

Dr. Nagraj,highlighted that ligament balancing is the most significant aspect in a totalknee replacement, and computer navigation allows it to be done withnearly  atmost precision. It improves the longevity of the joint andallows the implant to be  placed at the exact location and at anaccurate angle. With the help of this technology, one can achieve greateraccuracy in the alignment of the joint and achieve better results, which is notpossible through a regular knee replacement surgery. 

With a properly functioning knee, the patients mayalso reduce the risk of several diseases whose onset is accelerated by the lackof physical activity like hypertension, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. 

Vikram Hospital is uniquely placed by offering jointreplacements with conventional technique as well as advances including computernavigation and patient specific instrumentation.

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