Advanced procedure helps treat man suffering from complete stress incontinence

Patna: A 58 year old man was successfully treated with the problem of uncontrolled urinary leakage. After undergoing a surgery for prostate treatment, the patient had complaints of urine leakage all the time. Even though being very rare, such complications arise post prostate surgical treatment.

The patient had to use around 5-6 diapers daily which made him frustrated and depressed with his life. He had undergone many remedial procedures but all in vain. He had been under medications and pelvic muscle exercises for 1 year but with no significant improvement. He was also offered an option of injecting some bulking agent in the urinary passage at the site of the valve, but the results would have been unpredictable. 

“With the entire mental and physical trauma he was then told about the Artificial Urinary Sphincter surgery which is indicated in case of total urinary leakage in men post surgery for prostate cancer. The patient was fixed with an artificial valve through an open surgery that lasted for around an hour. He was taught how to press the button placed in the scrotum for controlling the valve. Post surgery the patient made a swift recovery and within two weeks he recovered completely. He had complete control on his urination and his leakage had stopped completely. The patient was highly delighted and satisfied.” Said Dr. Anupam Bhargava, Chairman- Urology, Max Smart Super Specialty Hospital, Saket.

An Artificial Urinary Sphincter is a mechanical implanted device that is used to treat severe stress incontinence especially in men post prostrate surgeries. The devices is designed such that to supplement the natural functions of the urinary sphincter that restricts he flow of the urine out of the bladder.

“The device includes a cut off valve that is placed around the urethra, a pump which is placed in the scrotum and a reservoir placed in the abdomen. The system consists of fluid to generate pressure and compress the urethra to prevent urine leakage that deflates the urethral cutoff manually by activating the control pump placed in the scrotum. This allows the patients to empty their bladder with control after which the cutoff re-inflates automatically. “ added Dr Bhargava

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