Advancements in labour analgesics attracting painless normal deliveries

With the advancements made in the field of labour analgesics, more and more pregnant women are opting for painless normal deliveries. Painless delivery is the natural way of child birth almost without experiencing any pain during labour.

Atlanta Hospital is first in the region to perform such deliveries. With the numerous benefits more and more pregnant women are opting for such methods of natural deliveries at Atlanta Hospital.

“Pregnancy is a sense of responsibility that a woman carries for precious nine months which later becomes a part of her life. These nine months is a journey in which she goes through different aspects of life including mood swings, sleepless nights, and not to forget the pain. At times, the intensity of the pain is so high, it unbearable for a woman, especially the labour pain. Labour analgesia has become the most common method of pain relief used during labour. There are two types of analgesics – epidural and spinal. The epidural anaesthesia used in the procedure helps the pregnant women relieve the normal delivery pain and is the most popular method for pain relief during labour.” Said Dr Niraj Mishra, Department Head Anaesthesiology & critical care unit Atlanta Hospital 

Generally, labour pain is an outcome of muscles contraction as your womb will tighten up. It does relax after some time. 

“Epidural Anaesthesia is one of the most popular methods to get relief from the labour pain. But, there are many women who are aware of the efficiency of epidurals. The popularity of the product can be judged by the fact that around 50 percent of women who give birth to their babies use epidural anesthesia. Once it is injected into your body, you will get a quick relief from the labour pain and the process of delivery can be smoothened throughout the time.” Dr Niraj Added

t there are many studies which have been conducted on different women with different age-groups who used epidurals during pregnancy. There was not a single case which was registered with the complications after the use of epidurals. This makes the use of the product extremely safe and is therefore recommended to every woman who has been going through the labour pain.

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