Advocate Kanishk Agarwal Relaunches an Upgraded Version of Indian Bare Acts Pack

For law student one of the biggest difficulties is to carry burden of all bare acts. So either carry the burden of them all or be smart and use this app which is a look-up-to

Today’s law students are superbly trained to practice in the court of law.  However, only in rare instances, their burden is given a thought. To reduce their burden of carrying bare acts at colleges, internships, judiciary classes and conferences, an upgraded version of Indian Bare Acts Pack (IBAP) app is being launched by Advocate Kanishk Agarwal after the due push, inputs and motivation by the legal fraternity.

The app was initially ideated by the advocate in 2013, with a motive to fulfil the gap between technology and agglomeration of all the updated major acts used by the legal fraternity on a day-to-day basis. The idea behind the launch of this application in 2013 was to make all the major acts available on a mere click without internet and in the palm of the hand. Being a tech enthusiast, he ideated this application which was recognized and launched by Delhi High Court Bar Association in 2013.

After receiving immense support from the law students and legal fraternity, he decided to come up with an upgraded version, with a much bigger repository of 70+ Bare Acts/Rules. 

The all-new app has come up with a better User Interface and experience to be more user-friendly, engaging and sound. Students can highlight certain portions of the act, jump from one bare act to another, and create notes. Moreover, an article section is also added to the application wherein articles penned by various lawyers are published and even the law students can also submit their articles, which will be published after following due protocol. The news section has also been added in the updated app as every lawyer needs to be apprised about the latest news relating to legal areas. 

Mr. Agarwal also intends to launch various other new features or products which relate to legal fraternity or professionals at large. Case Diaries is one of the features which is under development talks which will also be added to the application, in the near future, to make it more comprehensive.

“The horizon of the app has been expanded, from 4 bare acts to 70+ Bare Acts/Rules. All the Bare Acts/Rules are accessible offline once you download it in your phone and all the notes, highlighted sections, the bookmark will be duly synced with your account so that you never lose them when you lose a phone or update your phone. It is one stop solution for the law students, lawyers, and other legal professionals”, says Adv. Kanishk Agarwal.   

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