Aerospace engineer from India participates in ‘Mission Antarctica’

Bengaluru, 5th May, 2017: 27-year old Bhavna Singh, a resident of Mysuru participated in the International Antarctic Expedition (IAE) 2017 that was held from 5th-15th March. The expedition was led by renowned polar explorer and environmental leader Robert Swan and aimed to engage and inspire the next generation of leaders to take responsibility to build resilient communities and in doing so, preserve the fragile ecosystem of Antarctica. As part of an international group of men and women, Bhavna had the opportunity to experience the spectacular landscape of the continent, learn from other environmentalists about climate change and witness the unique wildlife at Antarctica.

The HimalayaDrug Company, India’s leading wellness brand supported Bhavna’s mission toAntarctica. In light of this, Mr. Philipe Haydon- CEO, The HimalayaDrug Company said “Our planetis facing a huge environmental threat and each and every one of us has a moralresponsibility to act. Companies especially need to take bold action to protectthe environment. Himalaya’s business is intricately linked to nature and we’vebeen advocating sustainable and good agricultural practices for decades. Since2007, we’ve planted more than 6 lakh trees, majority of which are in thebiodiversity rich Western Ghats. While these are important steps, we still havea long way to go.”

He further added, “Supporting young, spirited changeagents like Bhavna is something we are very excited about. The world needs morevoices like hers if we are to address issues like climate change and the environmentalcrisis. Her mission will help drive awareness for the need to protect theAntarctic and hopefully get more people to participate in this cause.”

An aerospaceengineer by profession, Bhavna has always been passionate about theenvironment. She practices a zero-waste lifestyle back home in Mysuru,switching to biodegradable toothbrushes, recycled bags and composting herkitchen wastes. The earth’s north and south poles are vital for regulating theplanet’s climate and are particularly sensitive to the impacts of globalwarming. The changes in the polar regions caused by climate change have globalimplications. Studying first-hand the effects of climate change at the world’slast great wilderness on earth was a long cherished dream for Bhavna, commentingon her participation at the IAE Bhavna said “I feel honoured to have beenchosen to learn from the best minds spearheading the movement to protect ourplanetLiving a sustainable and eco- friendly life is something thatI practiced from the very beginning but to take it to the next level is what Ialways aspired for. The International Antarctica Expedition would have stayedas just a dream, if it was not for the support from The Himalaya Drug Company.It was a larger than life experience that completely changed my perspective.After my return, I now feel that it is my duty to share the knowledge that Igained and educate people on sustainability.”

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