Aerospace & Science Discovery Camp gives budding scientists a food for thought

Bangalore, May 19, 2018: Right from discovering the phenomenon of energy transfer and electromagnetic spectrum to engineering model building using Lego and launching self- created rockets, Greenwood High students had a confluence of subjects to explore in the Aerospace & Science Discovery Camp hosted by the school recently at their Sarjapur campus.

The workshophad a significant impact on the scientific minds of students who werefascinated by the creative and experiential learning available to them. Theactivities and teaching techniques used by the organizers made complexoccurrences of nature such as scattering of light and transfer of energy quitecomprehensible for the students. 

Forinstance, one of the demonstrations that focused on energy transfer requiredpaper cups to be placed on the heads of students. Next, a can was taken whosebase removed and its open end covered with a foam sheet. As the can was tapped,the air pressure built inside it made the cups over the students’ head fly.This is because of the fact that when energy from the hand is transferred tothe can/bucket, the air gets pressurized and comes out as concentric circles. 

Speakingon the occasion, Ms. Niru Agarwal, Trustee, Greenwood High International School said “I believe that scientifictemper of children should not be tamed within the confines of a book andinstead be allowed to bloom. Through Aerospace & Science Discovery Camp, wehave tried creating a hands-on-learning opportunity for our children to helpthem cultivate critical thinking and understanding.”

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