Ahead of World Heart Day, Fortis Hospitals steps forward to spread awareness among Bangaloreans

Bangalore, September 28,2018: On the occasion of World Heart Day, Fortis Hospital Bangalore conducted a series of events to educate people on the importance of keeping the heart healthy. The three-day event started with cardiac screening for 500 policemen at Fortis Hospitals, Cunningham road, followed by healthy activities and games at various apartments, and “Take the stairs” initiative at Corporate offices as a promise to take care of the heart. A spin wheel game has been organized for the public, which would make them do certain exercises to help them in keeping their hearts healthy.

World Heart Day is celebrated every year on 29th September with the perspective of educating the mass about the prevailing cardiovascular diseases, its effect and overall impact. The theme for this year stands as “A promise to take care of my heart, your heart”.

Dr Prabhakar Koregal- Consultant Interventional cardiologist, Fortis Hospitals, Bangalore said, “Cardiovascular diseases have become one of the leading cause of mortality especially in India. I come across patients who have developed cardiovascular diseases due the kind of lifestyle they lead. The amount of stress in their daily lives have put their heart in danger. It is important to say no to unhealthy practices like smoking and the consumption of alcohol and indulging in the physical activities to prevent heart ailment. With all these initiatives, we want to educate people on the importance of staying fit, eating well and leading a stress free life to keep their heart healthy in the long run.”

The hospital has been conducting various drives throughout the year to impart health education to the community and help citizens live a healthy life.  

According to WHO, “Cardiovascular diseases takes lives of 17.7 million people every year. Triggering these diseases which manifests primarily as heart attacks and strokes are tobacco use, unhealthy diet, physical inactivity and harmful use of alcohol. These show up in people as raised blood pressure, elevated blood glucose, overweight and obesity, risks detrimental to good heart health” 

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