Aircel launches exclusive audio content created by noted filmmaker Vikram Bhatt on mobile

Bengaluru, January 5, 2017:Aircel, one of India’s leading innovative telecom providers, today, announced the launch of an exclusive audio service that will provide variety of stories created by noted film maker Vikram Bhatt on the mobile. The captivating audio series will be narrated by the renowned filmmaker himself and Aircel subscribers will be able to access it anywhere, anytime by any phone, by just dialing 51515.

The specially designed audio series, aimed at all age groups,will go LIVE with ‘Krishna storiesin Hindi and English, and will also be available in other regional languages very soon. Each episode of the Krishna stories will be of 16 minutes, distributed in three to four parts. Aircel subscribers will be able to enjoy these sticky stories for Rs.30/month or Rs.2/day. Shortly, the company will be introducing various genres of stories like horror, thriller, humour, amongst others to the series. “Increasing supply and intuitive content have unleashed a consumer demand for more like never before. They value compelling and convenience in the content services – readily accessible across devices, easy to pay for, easy to find and on which they can hook on for a longer time. We are proud to associate with Bhupesh, Astro Buddy and noted filmmaker Vikram Bhatt, to launch this exclusive audio content - Roz EkKahani Vikram Ki Zubani”, said Anupam Vasudev, Chief Marketing Officer, Aircel.

Renowned film maker, Vikram Bhatt, said at theevent,“This is the first time I am creating content like this for mobilephone users. Today, mobile has become the palm of your hand and customers arelooking for new and fresh content all the time. I am delighted to collaboratewith Aircel to bring this exciting concept to the people wherein they will beable to hear me narrating various stories of different genres. To start with wewill be introducing devotional episodes of stories of Krishna and histeachings.” 

Astro Buddy Bhupesh Sharma, whopartnered with Vikram Bhatt for this content, said, “We have beenassociated with Aircel for long now with our astrology products. When weconceptualized the idea of creating the audio series for mobile phone users, wethought of creating a content which is engaging, easy to use and is of highquality. We are grateful to Vikram to come on board with this concept andcreate interesting stories that can be enjoyed by all ages.” 

The product will be available across all circles.

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