Ajmal Perfumes presented Shrimoyee Awards 2018

Guwahati, 13th December 2018: Ajmal Perfumes, India’s home-grown global perfumery house took a step ahead to encourage women empowerment in Assam. Mr. Abdulla Ajmal, Consulting Perfumer – Ajmal & Sons, India awarded women achievers at Shrimoyee Awards 2018 for their exceptional contribution towards the society. The Awards applauded and celebrated professional and personal achievements of women who have succeeded in their communities and have taken positive steps for building a better future.

Mr. Chandramohan Patwari, Minister of Transport and Industry of Govt of Assam, Mr.  Jayanta Malla Barua, Chairman, Guwahati Municipality Board and many other respected personalities were present to witness the inspiring stories of the winners - Ms. Nupur Bose, the renowned sewing machine and embroidery trainer who has been training underprivileged and uneducated women since 1990 to become self-independent under her organization, Markazul Ma’arif. Jebin Kausar, a physically challenged young girl from a marginalized community, scored distinction in her board exams by writing her exams with her right foot. Salma Hussain, a law graduate and an active crusader of women rights program in Assam.

Ajmal Perfumes has always believed in inspiring women to step out of home and make flourishing careers in any field of their choice. Ajmal Perfumes as an organization has always supported equality at work places and help drive better opportunities for women.

Speaking on the association, Mr. Abdulla Ajmal, Consulting Perfumer – Ajmal & Sons, India said, “Women are dramatically changing the landscape of Indian economy by being incubators of new concepts and bringing fresh ideas to businesses like never before. Shrimoyee Awards 2018 is a platform that recognizes the effort of such women who have taken initiatives to achieve success. At Ajmal Perfumes, we have always endeavoured to encourage remarkable women who have continued to break down barriers and have made us proud with their work. It is a pleasure to present Shrimoyee Awards and celebrate the efforts of such leading women. I am positive that these awards will set an exemplary example for other women in the community as well.”

Mr. Saurav Bhattacharya, President Operations at Ajmal & Sons said, "Ajmal Perfumes is all about crafting memories and Shrimoyee is awarding women who have crafted strong memories in our society with their endeavours. Ajmal Perfumes feels proud to felicitate them with the recognition they deserve."

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