Akshayakalpa Enters Chennai With Range of Organic Dairy Products

Chennai, December 2nd, 2020: Akshayakalpa, the first Certified Organic Milk Brand in India, today announced its plans to enter and expand its operation in Chennai. Having already infused over 100 crores in Tiptur’s rural eco system to service the Bangalore market, Akshayakalpa now plans to invest over 15 crores in the next couple of years in Chengalpattu to provide fresh organic milk and range of dairy products to households across Chennai. Akshayakalpa is backed by impact driven investors such as Lok Capital and Venture Dairy. The investment will be directed towards expanding Akshayakalpa’s farmer network in the region, increasing the availability of cows by improving the livestock numbers in the region, setting up of a plant and building a robust delivery network to service pan Chennai.

Akshayakalpa started its Chennai operations by providing 1000 households per day with organic milk and products via its App and is also available in more than 150 retails stores across the city such as Sunny Bee, Brown Tree, Dhanyam Organic Superstores, Vaer Organics, Green Mantra, Amma Naana and Terra Earth Foods. At present in Chennai, Akshayakalpa products such as organic Milk, Curd, Paneer, Cheese, Butter, Ghee and Buttermilk are available. The company is looking to customize their offerings for Chennai residents who will also soon be able to avail organic products such as Akshayakalpa special flavoured milk and buttermilk, ready to eat organic yoghurt and organic vegetables. With the investment, existing and customized product offerings for Chennai, Akshayakalpa plans to reach 10,000 households daily by March 2021.  

Akshayakalpa strives to combine the best of technology and traditional practices to make sure that the best quality milk reaches its consumers. While most cows in India are fed industry made feed, Akshayakalpa strives to address this by ensuring its cows are fed fodder that grows in the farm itself for last 10 years. Thus each farm is not only self-sufficient but also ensures the cow eats, 100% natural and organic food. The farms are infused with deep technology, 100% machine based contactless gentle milking, free range space, chillers to make sure nutrition is preserved intact, bio gas plants to generate electricity and re-use the dung as fertilizer for farms, IOT based systems to monitor number of farm level parameters including temperature, cleanliness, cow health etc.  All this results in organic milk being completely untouched by human hand, antibiotic and hormone free.   

Today, the company is working with farmers in and around Tiptur, Karnataka and Chengalpattu, Tamil Nadu, and grooming them to be entrepreneurs by transforming their farming operations from livelihood focused to wealth creation opportunity. Akshayakalpa is currently setting up a model farm in Chengalpattu and has already trained the first batch of farmers based on their success model in Tiptur. Over the next 3 years, Akshayakalpa plans to build their network by training and collaborating with more than 100 such farmers and satellite farms owned by farmers in Chengalpattu. We have now 580 farmers with average income per month of the farmers at Rs 89,000/- in the district of Tiptur. 

“Our main aim is to address the bilateral problem of economic non-viability in dairy farming and agriculture, which entails farmers to either move away from farming, or resort to means such as chemical fertilizers and pesticides leading to poor-quality of food for the consumer”, said Mr. Shashi Kumar, Founder & Managing Director of Akshayakalpa. “Our team handholds farmers who have discontinued dairy farming or farming operations due to economic non-viability and grooms them to relocate back to farming by providing bank linkages, farmer outreach, technical services and access to markets. In some  

cases, we have seen that dairy farmers who were only able to earn Rs. 7000 per month with a lot of volatility today can earn a fixed amount of approximately Rs 89,000 per month. Based on the success model adopted in Tiptur, we ensure that the farmers follow the best organic farming practices such as using only organically grown fodder unlike usual farms where cows are fed industrial feed. This also helps us maintain our quality standards and enables us to provide fresh organic milk and milk products to our consumers. We plan to replicate the model across the country and are looking at Chennai as the next step towards that goal.” 

Mr. Rajesh Babu, Director, Lok Capital, said, “Having a personal background in dairy and as a fund focused in this space, we have interacted with large number of dairy companies across India. We truly believe Akshayakalpa is a transformative dairy business and is the pioneer in the organic dairy space in India. This is the future model of dairy industry as consumers become more and more aware of their food quality and we are happy to back Akshayakalpa in their journey to take it to various parts of India starting with Chennai.” 

Akshayakalpa Organic Milk and milk products are available in Chennai via the app android / IoS. It is also available in all leading retail stores across Chennai and online shopping platforms like Amazon and BigBasket in Bangalore and Chennai. Akshayakalpa Organic Cow Ghee is available across India on Amazon.

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