All India Mahila Empowerment Party (AIMEP) unveils manifesto, announces 10 spokespeople

Bangalore, 11th April, 2018: The All Indian Mahila Empowerment Party (MEP)today unveiled its manifesto in an event at The Leela Palace. It also brought out the first list of spokespeople from party for the upcoming Karnataka Assembly elections scheduled to be held on May 12.

Dr.Nowhera Shaik, President, All India Mahila Empowerment Party said, “We are contesting on aplatform of social justice and equality for all. The welfare of the downtroddenand oppressed groups is our main aim. We are especially concerned about thewelfare of the voiceless women who face the maximum discrimination and economicsuffering."

Introducingthe spokespeople, Dr. Shaik said, "Our members are thosewho are concerned with the conditions of women in the country. They understandthe need to be voice of the women who have been denied a voice by the societywhile working to uplift the economic conditions of women."  

Mr Khan,Vice-President, All India Mahila Empowerment Party mentioned, “We are gladto be associated with MEP since this is the first party in India which isfocussing on women and aims to help them in every possible way. We aim toreserve 50% of the seats in local bodies for women, build separate hospitalsfor women in each district and provide interest free loans for enthusiasticwomen entrepreneurs.” 

MrKutubuddin Kazi, Spokesperson, AIMEP said, “Education and employment is our key focus. Wehave plans to provide free education from LKG to PG to all BPL families, freetraining and coaching for poor students appearing in competitive exams andcreate ten lakh jobs every year so that society gets economically uplifted.”

The AllIndia Mahila Empowerment Party(AIMEP) will contest all 224 seats in KarnatakaAssembly polls. The party aims to make a pro-women government and work towardswomen empowerment.

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