Bengaluru 20th November 2019. On the occasion of World Piles Day 20th November,2019 Dr.Rajasekhar Mysore –Medical Director And Senior Proctologist ,Chirag Hospital ,J.P.Nagar addressed the media at Press Club Bengaluru.

Speaking on the occasion Dr.Rajashekar Mysore explained the importance of PILES as major health Problem affecting millions of young productive people, causing not only suffering, but also loss of working days. He also expressed  that there is lot of myths and doubts created by  

 “ Quacks” many people are going for unscientific and harmful treatment from unqualified people leading to many deadly complications.

There are  many myths like excess of heat, certain food items causing piles and taking tender coconut water and butter milk as cure, which are not true he added. 

But more important thing is,  Rectal cancer is becoming more common in younger individuals that also present with bleeding with stools and easily mistaken as piles and precious time is wasted before diagnosis and lead to delay in treatment and Danger for  life and All the bleeding are not piles,  it can be cancer as well. So patient with the bleeding stools, should not be taken lightly and treated with accurate diagnosis by qualified doctor he said. 

We at Chirag Hospital-Institute Of Practology J.P.Nagar 2nd Phase, Bengaluru  have treated more than 30,000 people for the past 3 decades with the aim of giving world class treatment for all, irrespective of their economic status. We are the first to start  high end gadget to treat piles in Karnataka state.

For more details and appointment call : 080-26597027,9741389013,9448311802.

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