All women team working at Arcade @ Brigade Orchards

Ranjitha - Landscape Architect - design of outdoor architecture which includes hardscape and softscape design, along with design of external development and infrastructure. Ensure that things like circulation( vehicular, pedestrian, services), outdoor spill out spaces, plazas, water features, entry features, etc are well thought of , catering to requirement and need of today. Outdoor spaces should work efficiently, should be clutter free and this will define the spaces or projects in urban context.

Team working in Arcade is technically sound and hardworking team.  The site team comprises of:


1.       Srinivasa Murthy - DGM

2.       Remyasree K – DPM

3.       Taruna Jaipal – QC Engineer

4.       Akshaya A S – Planning Engineer


Remyasree: DPM; Handles all aspects of the project execution @ Arcade. Coordinates between the various contractors, architects & consultants, including co-ordinating between various departments within Brigade to arrange for material, services/vendors, drawings, details & billing. Oversees the project schedule for timely delivery of Arcade ensuring the quality of works & safety aspects at site. Assisting the DGM in all aspects of the project to ensure we meet the required standards. Also performs the necessary SAP transactions, compiling and maintaining the documents for ISO & OHSAS requirements with all other necessary set procedures.


Akshaya: PlanningEngineer; Arcade is one of the many projects she handles at Brigade Orchards.Prepares the first cut master schedule for any assigned project (Arcadeincluded); Reviews the schedules submitted by the respective contractors toensure they work within our timelines with planned resources and complete theproject on time. Tracks the progress of on-going projects on a periodical basis& prepares delay statements so as to record any delays within a project andto substantiate further processes.


Taruna: QC Engineer;Assisting the DGM & DPM in all aspects of the Project. Checks and overseesthe execution of the project in all areas; Ensures quality of the projectranging from the quality of the material used and executed works in conjunctionwith the set specifications and standards. Tracking of project schedules andquantity estimation. Ensures allcontractors to adhere to the safetyrequirements.


Ambika is Projectarchitect who is responsible for Building architecture. Any project is definedby its architecture expression, efficiency , functionality. She ensures thatthe design is as per requirement of present day. Design is followed by seriesof coordination with consultants like Structural, plumbing, electrical, HVAC,façade which needs an efficient architect like Ambika.

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