Allen Solly Endorses ‘Open Work Culture’ through its campaign

Bangalore, May 15, 2018: Allen Solly, India’s pioneer brand in semi-formal dressing from Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Ltd announced the launch of its Open Work Culture Campaign. The new campaign encapsulates the budding work culture that centers around employee-friendliness and freedom of self-expression. Allen Solly through its ‘Open Work Culture’ campaign is helping Indian professionals imbibe the new work-culture while making an effortless style statement at their workplace.

Over time,the nature of jobs have evolved along with the way we work and where we work,and the employers have started adapting more employee friendly policies. Openwork culture encapsulates this core. The theme of the campaign orbits around‘Open Work Culture’ philosophy, and explores the evolution of the modernemployee friendly workspaces.

As a part ofthe campaign, Allen Solly has created a new TVC that highlights the element ofopen work culture and showcases quintessential office looks from the ‘NewAge Work-Wear’ collection. The campaign has been produced byIndia’s leading creative agency Ogilvy & Mather India. 

Commentingon the launch Anil.S.Kumar, COO, Allen Solly said “Allen Sollyhas always been in the forefront of redefining fashion at work through itsunconventional workwear offering. This film is another big step in thatdirection wherein we bring alive our brand logo 'The Stag’and through it wecelebrate the 'open work culture' in today's workplace"

The TVC featuresa young Solly man walking into the work place with an air of attitude andconfidence, sporting a smart chino paired with maroon blazer from Allen Solly’sAthleisure Collection and holding a stag on the leash. The TVC draws attentionto a futuristic office with a pet friendly policy, perk of an open workculture. The man showcases striking looks from Allen Solly’s New Age Work-Wearcollection, as cool as the pet friendly policies at work. 

JayanthGurumurthy, Creative Director, Allen Solly further added “Allen Solly’s Open Work Cultureis a fashionable and functional take on the new age work environment and needs.The collection incorporates blends which provide comfort, mobility and enhancea stress free lifestyle. With innovative fabrics which incorporate cellulosicfibers like Modal, Viscose, Lyocell, the garments are breathable, lightweightand soft. Finishes like Anti-Odor, Anti-Microbial keep you fresh and ready togo through the day. All the Allen Solly trousers are in stretch, helpingmovement. The 360 degree Flex trousers are a unique property with everycomponent of the garment being stretchable, a truly modern trouser for therigor and mobility of the modern age.” 

Mahesh Gharat,Chief Creative Officer, Ogilvy & Mather, Bangalore said “In the past, Allen Sollyhas redefined work wear. Carrying forward the same thought process, we crackedan idea that'll resonate with the workplace of the future and that's how#OpenWorkCulture was conceived. Now the challenge was to break the clutter andcreate a memorable and charming piece of communication. We had an existingproperty of the Allen Solly Stag. We found a sweet spot when in the new brandnarrative, we managed to bring the Stag to life. That's how the Allen SollyStag commercial was conceived. Cinematic flair is what made the TVC sticky andunforgettable. And this was just the beginning of the campaign. There's lotsmore to come.” 

Over years,Allen Solly has revolutionized the dressing lifestyle of professionals bynetting the imagination of youth and professionals and expressing it explicitlyin their New Age Work Wear Collection, giving one a chance to mark a fashionstatement at work. offers top-notch clothing creating new benchmarks for officewear fashion. With its contemporary fitting and revolutionary design, the rangeprovides a comfortable fit and expresses a unique sense of fashion. With thismost recent campaign, the brand celebrates the ever evolving global phenomenaof Open Work Culture, which has helped a young professional to maintain abetter work-life balance by providing comfort and ease-of-work at workplace. 

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