Alternate Careers for engineers

Hyderabad, September 26, 2017...Only 7 per cent Engineering graduates are suitable for core engineering jobs. Only 3 per cent have suitable skills to be employed in software or product market, and only 7 per cent can handle core engineering tasks.

India has 6,214 engineering and technology institutions. These enrol 3crore students. Around 15 lakh engineers are released into the job market every year. But the dismal state of higher education in India ensures that they simply do not have adequate skills to be employed. 

What alternative careers exist for Civil, Mechanical and Electrical engineers? What are the careers available besides the conventional ones for engineers outside of engineering?  

We need to create alternative jobs for engineers says Ravi Kumar Narra of DICCI(Dalit Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry) South India President 

DICCI developed "Contracting" as an alternative career opportunity for SC/ST Civil, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering grads. 

We have developed Contractors Development Program for SC and ST engineering graduates. It is the joint effort of Dept. of Industries & Commerce, Govt. of Telangana; Dalit Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Telangana Chapter and National Academy of Construction, Hyderabad informed Ravi Kumar 

Contractors Development Program for SC and STs is the dream project of our Chief Minister K. Chandra Sekhar Rao.He desires to develop SC/ST engineers into Class V contractors by providing appropriate training in National Academy of  Construction and gradually mentor them to become Class I contractors. The government was further ordered that the certificate issued by the NAC should be treated by the various Government works Departments as fulfilling the education and experience qualification requirement for at least Class V contractors, Ravi Kumar Added. 

73 Engineers Awarded Class V Contractors Licence. Two of them are girls informed Ravikumar. 

After B.Tech, we need to think of alternate careers for engineering students. We found Contracting to be the top careers for Engineers outside for engineers, he said 

If you're educated in engineering but looking for a career in another field, it's a good idea to consider jobs that use your existing expertise but expose you to different industries, Ravikumar adds. 

Your engineering skills can be a valuable asset in a non-engineering positions too, he says. After the success of first batch, we are even thinking of organising some more batches, he told. 

It is a common misconception that engineering professionals are limited to technical jobs, but numerous options exist for alternate career paths. By finding creative ways to use their skills. There are many different jobs engineers can do with an engineering degree. 

There are many alternativecareers that graduate engineers can do, both within the industry and elsewhere.An engineer's fundamental skills, such as logical thinking, problem-solving arehighly desirable in many other businesses, he said 

What is in store for engineers in contracting?

The main benefits of being a contractor is higherincome and greater flexibility. If you work an year contract at a high level ofpay, you can decide if you then want to take some time off, perhaps to travel,without being concerned about money. That is alternative choice we areproviding to young engineers, Ravi said 

There’s always analternative to everything you do and chose in life. Similar is the case withcareers. Alternative careers are like the life saving jacket in a main streamboat

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