Amazon Business Launches Business-to-Business Global Selling for Indian Exporters

Bangalore, April 3, 2018: Amazon Business today announced the expansion of its Global Selling program by launching B2B selling for Indian exporters. Through this launch, B2B sellers, manufacturers and exporters will be able to reach thousands of business customers across Amazon’s international marketplaces. Started as a pilot late last year, the program has received a positive response with over 2000 exporters registered for B2B global selling at present. Amazon’s B2B Global Selling program is present in US, UK, Germany, France, Japan and India. Once the sellers register for the individual marketplaces, they will then be able to export to the Amazon global marketplaces mentioned.

Indian B2Bproduct exporters on Amazon can now offer a range of products across popularcategories such as office products, home, PCs, business, industrial &scientific supplies (BISS) and more. Ranging from sole proprietors to thelargest of Fortune 500 enterprises, Indian exporters registered with AmazonBusiness Global Selling program are able to directly reach out to Amazon’sglobal business customer base and thus get an opportunity to venture into newermarket segments. The program enables features such as business-only pricing andback-end integration that helps exporters manage competitive pricing internationallyand assists in managing and fulfilling bulk orders from business customers. 

Commentingon the launch, Peeyush Nahar, VP B2B Marketplace Business, Amazon said, “OurGlobal Selling program simplified the complexities of global trade and helpedIndian Sellers showcase their tremendous strengths in quality products acrossthe world. This program has been traditionally targeting B2C customers and haswitnessed a fantastic growth! We are extremely happy to expand the scope of ourGlobal Selling program in India for B2B customers. The B2B Global Sellingprogram takes another step by hiding the complexities of procurement processesof Fortune 500 companies from Indian Sellers. Indian Sellers can simply do whatthey do best: design and manufacture high quality products. Amazon Business’sGlobal Selling program will get the sellers in front of decisions makers ofFortune 500 companies as well as medium and small corporations across theworld. To support tapping this excellent market of business customers forIndian goods globally, the program offers benefits to the Indian sellers suchas discounted referral fees for bulk orders, business price and quantitydiscounts targeted for business customers, single selling account, etc.” 

GopalPillai, GM & Director Seller Services, Amazon India said, “The launch of B2B GlobalSelling is another milestone in our commitment to transform the way India buysand sells. Since its launch in 2015 Amazon’s global selling program has openedup new market segments for Indian B2C product exporters across India by givingthem easy and convenient access to Amazon’s worldwide customer base. Atpresent, over 32,000 exporters offer over 90 million made-in-India products tocustomers across Amazon’s 10 global marketplaces. As we continue to witness acontinued demand for made in India products across the globe, we believe thisis an opportune time to further strengthen the program to enable Indian exportersaccess to both B2C and B2B market in US, UK, Germany, France and, Japan.” 

B2B Sellersunder the program will get access to the following benefits to expand and growtheir business:

·DiscountedReferral Fees for bulk orders: Sellers can now sell in bulk quantitiesand enjoy lower referral fees on select categories, compared to current fees;

·BusinessPrice and Quantity Discounts targeted for business customers: Sellerscan offer business pricing and bulk quantity discounts exclusively to businesscustomers;

·SingleSelling Account: Amazon offers sellers the convenience of using asingle selling account to manage their inventory and product listings for bothB2C and B2B selling;

·Completecontrol of Pricing, Brand and Messaging: Amazon gives the sellercomplete control of the messaging—from an individual product detail page, toits brand’s storefront on Amazon. Hence, the seller has the opportunity to putthe best offering with the help of relevant content and product videos; and

· Amazoncustomer service: World-class Amazon customer service throughtelephone and email to address and resolve issues. 

Businesscustomers can register for their B2B Global Selling account via Amazon Seller Central. Sellers that would like to addproducts to Amazon’s growing business selection can learn more at Amazon Services.

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