Amazon India Fashion Week, 2017

New Delhi, March 15, 2017: An exclusively crafted show by The Handloom School of WomenWeave supported by Good Earth, opened the 29th edition of Amazon India Fashion Week 2017. The show brought together 13 key designers/labels – Akaaro, Antar-Agni, Eka, Good Earth, Neeru Kumar, Nicobar, Pero, Rajesh Pratap Singh, Raw Mango, Rohit Bal,Suket Dhir, Urvashi Kaur & 11:11 Eleven Eleven who created ensembles from fabric woven by the talented students of The Handloom School that showcased not only the unique style of each designer/label but also kept intact the magnificence and delicate elegance of Indian handloom. The versatility of the weavers, the talent of NID Textile Graduates: Neha Lad and Sayan Chanda, and the creative imagination of the fashion designers, gave the show the splendor of a landmark event. Curator Kshitij Kankaria, a Mumbai based Fashion Stylist, designed and styled set designs, choreography, hair and make up and the entire look and feel of the show in a way that brought the attention back to the magnificence of weaves and handloom. The show ended with the participating designers sharing the ramp with the talented weavers who joined from nine different weaving areas of India.

As apre-cursor to the show, a panel discussion on the theme “The Future ofHandloom” was organised wherein a panel consisting of design, retail andindustry veterans - Sally Holkar, Founder of WomenWeave and The HandloomSchool, Anita Lal of The Good Earth Company, Uzaramma of Dasktar Andhra, SunilSethi, President of Fashion Design Council of India, and leading designersSanjay Garg and Gaurav Gupta addressed the need to educate and exciteprospective customers: buyers, sellers and the end audience. They also spokeabout the need to create market opportunities to promote homegrown handloom andalso the need to showcase handloom as beyond traditional and easily adaptableinto modern fashion. 

Followingthe panel discussion, the ramp show was succeeded by a meet and greet sessionwhere media attendees, influencers from the fashion industry, buyers andsellers had an opportunity to interact, ask questions and exchange notes withnot only with the designers but also with the unsung heros: the weavers! Theweavers here had an opportunity to talk about their work, their legacy and thebeauty of art and craft from the different parts of the country. 

Sally Holkar, Founder of WomenWeave andThe Handloom School said, “I am overwhelmed to be here! This is agreat opportunity for The Handloom School students to showcase their skills, richheritage and learn about the markets they will be operating in. The first timeI saw the ensembles, I could not contain my excitement about how the loom couldtransform into garments so beautiful and wearable. I am thankful to all thetalented designers for making this happen, Good Earth for their love andsupport and Fashion Design Council of India to have given us this greatopportunity”. 

Speaking at the event, Anita Lal of The GoodEarth Company said, “Working with Sally and The HandloomSchool has been a wonderful experience. We believe in all the good work theyare doing and we are proud to have been able to support them in any way wecould. I hope our association and this platform would bring the much neededmileage and attention to the weavers and the conceptualisers who put theirheart and soul into creating these beautiful fabrics. I would also like toextend my gratitude to the designers who took out time from their busyschedules and worked on these stunning ensembles to promote the cause.”

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