Amazon India launches Central Cottage Industries Emporium (CCIE) online

Bengaluru, March 6, 2018: Amazon India announced the launch of Central Cottage Industries Emporium (CCIE), a Public Sector Undertaking under Ministry of Textiles and Government of India on its marketplace. CCIE began as an endeavor to preserve the traditional craftsmanship and excellence of skill as a part of national heritage which offers authentic handloom and handicraft products. The emporium showcases finest crafts and creations from Indian craftsmen, weavers and folk artists from all over India under one roof. Through this alliance, CCIE products ranging from Silk Sarees, Cotton Sarees, Bedsheets, Artwork & Metal craft will now be available to millions of Amazon India customers across the country.

The productsof CCIE are unique as they reflect the traditional myths, folklores, religiousbeliefs, cultural ethos and rich heritage of India. With showrooms in NewDelhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Patna, CCIE providesaccess to the finest crafts with an assurance of authenticity, beauty andvalue, aesthetics and design. As part of the partnership, willshowcase CCIC products on its marketplace that are known worldwide forauthenticity, craftsmanship and quality. A wide range of products such ashandicrafts, handlooms, carpets, shawls, exquisite fabrics, sarees, sandalwoodartifacts, silver products, jewelry, paintings and other crafted objects fromthe diverse regions of India will now be accessible to Amazon customers acrossIndia. 

Talkingabout this launch, Mr. Pramod Nagpal, Managing Director, CCIE, said“Cottage Industries have been playing a major role in the revival of crafts,handicraft and handloom products. There has been a steep rise inthe demand for Indian handicraft and handloom products with a modern touch.CCIE has been instrumental in creating traditional handicrafts and handloomsinto high fashion goods to suit the current customer taste while retaining thebasic ethnic values. We are happy to partner with Amazon India as it willprovide the skilled artisans and weavers with the opportunity to embrace onlineselling, reach out to millions of Amazon customers in the country and maximizeprofit.” 

“In linewith our vision to transform the way India buys and sells, Amazon India hasbeen continuously working towards supporting artisans and weavers across Indiato take advantage of the growing digital economy and provide easy access tonewer markets, nationally and globally. This launch allows us to make adifference in the lives of the artisans and weavers associated with CCIE and itis aligned with the Government’s ‘Make in India’ and ‘Digital India’initiatives. We are very excited to partner with CCIE and offer the artisansand weavers the most comprehensive suite of seller services and requisite toolsin their new digital journey,” said Gopal Pillai, Director & GM, Seller Services,Amazon India. 

AmazonIndia, over the course of one year, has partnered with various governmentbodies under the Kala Haat program like DC Handloom, Ministry of Textiles, TheTribal Cooperative Marketing Development of India (TRIFED), Government ofTelangana, Government of Nagaland and National Skill Development Corporation(NSDC), Gujarat Tribal Development Department, Uttar Pradesh’s Khadi &Village Industries Board to supplement the efforts of the government to upliftartisans & SMEs across the country. The company has created specializedtraining modules, conducted workshops with on-ground staff and shared learningresources to help them start & grow their businesses online. 

With itsflagship initiatives like Seller University that trains and nurture sellers,Service Provider Network, a pool of third party vendors to support sellers intheir online journey and logistic support through programs such as Easy Ship, has rolled out several such initiatives and has been workingextensively to meet different business requirements of sellers and smallentrepreneurs and help them grow their business profitably online.

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