Amazon Pay Now Accepted on McDelivery

Bengaluru, 15 June 2018: McDonald’s fans can now order their favorite burgers, fries and wraps seamlessly at the click of a button using Amazon Pay! Amazon and Hardcastle Restaurants Pvt Ltd (HRPL) that operates McDonald’s restaurants in West and South India have formed an alliance that allows customers shopping on McDelivery to enjoy the ease of one-click purchase using Amazon Pay.

Today, customers are looking for convenience, variety and quickdelivery. Considering that Amazon Pay offers quick, easy and safe digitalpayments and McDelivery is delivering smiles in over 20 cities in West andSouth India, this tie-up is a natural progression for both players. The tie-upwill also enable customers to avail of various offers, weekend deals, and cashbacks. 

Following the announcement of several key partnerships, Amazon hasnoted a significant increase in activity on weekends driven primarily by food,ticketing and travel. With this announcement, Amazon will drive many customersto use Amazon Pay on McDelivery, helping to improve the payments conversionrates. 

Commenting on the partnership, Manesh Mahatme, Director –Acceptance and Merchant Payments, said“We are happy to partnerwith McDelivery to extend the trusted and convenient Amazon Pay experience forcustomers. We understand our customers’ needs and continuously seek to enhancetheir payment experience across platforms they frequently use.  Ourprimary tenet of any partnership is to make digital payments the most trusted,convenient and rewarding choice for customers.”

 Ranjith Paliath, Senior Vice President - Business Operations &Restaurant Enablement , McDonald's India (West & South) said, “Weare excited to announce the new addition to our payments portfolio. McDeliveryalong with Amazon Pay aims at delivering a seamless experience to all itspatrons who love to indulge in McDonald’s offerings anywhere anytime. With thispartnership, we are also extending our commitment to transform the customerexperience both within and outside our restaurants.” 

Amazon Pay can be used for transactions across McDelivery’swebsite and app, both on iOS and Android platforms. The vision of Amazon Pay isto be the most trusted and convenient payment experience for customers, sellersand merchants. With Amazon Pay, customers can go cashless and enjoy fast andeasy checkouts, quicker refunds coupled with a secured shopping experience. 

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