American India Foundation (AIF) and Coca-Cola India launches ‘SMS Mission Recycling’

New Delhi, 15th December, 2017: Coca-Cola India along with American India Foundation (AIF) today launched the SMS Mission Recycling with the aim to sensitize children from over 5000 schools on waste management after realizing a successful Support My School (SMS) Mission 1000 schools. The project seeks to contribute towards the government’s cleanliness mission and will focus on proper collection and segregation of waste including Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET).

The SMSMission Recycling initiative aims to promote better waste management practicesthrough adoption of efficient collection and segregation methods to facilitaterecycling. Aligned to the Government’s Swachh Bharat, Swachh Vidyalaya (CleanIndia Clean Schools) Mission, the programme will also be looking to set up orfacilitate waste management systems in communities as well as schools. Inthe first phase of the program, Coca-Cola India has partnered with the AmericanIndia Foundation (AIF) to positively impact an estimated 11 lakh children inover 5000 government schools nationwide and over 1 lakh community members onthe long-term benefits of proper solid waste management. 

NishantPandey, CEO of American India Foundation said, “Building on our experience of drivingawareness of sanitation & hygiene issues across schools in India, webelieve that engaging students with waste management and recycling conceptswill give them a deeper understanding of the huge role that sustainabilityplays in our future. We’re excited to partner with Coca-Cola on the Support MySchool – Mission Recycling campaign which aims to reach 5000 schools across 10states in order to give children the chance to build a cleaner tomorrow anda sustainable future.”

T.Krishnakumar, President, Coca-Cola India and South West Asia, said, “We believethat sustainable development should be at the heart of everything that we doand we must collaborate with our partners to find and develop solutions for asustainable future. We are now excited to launch SMS Mission Recycling inassociation with American India Foundation to create awareness among schoolchildren and communities on proper ways to implement waste segregation andrecycling. Children are change agents for a better tomorrow. Theyhave the influence to sensitize their communities and as the future of ourcountry, they grow up aligned to such environmental causes.” 

The firstedition of Support My School had a positive impact on over 3.5 lakh schoolchildren in more than 1000 schools across the country. During this journey,thousands of toilets, urinals and wash stations were revitalised and hundredsof playgrounds were established in disadvantaged schools. Support My Schooladdressed the WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) needs and contributedmeaningfully to the government’s ‘Swachh Bharat’ drive, and the revitalizedschools now serve as model schools in several districts. 

AvijeetKumar, Chief Operational Officer, Charities Aid Foundation (CAF)—the first implementation partner ofSMS Mission 1000 said, “Support My School is an innovative campaignaimed at transforming lives of thousands of children across the country and weare extremely proud to be associated with it. From educating children aboutrain water harvesting, to ensuring access to proper sanitation, the campaignhas helped promoting positive environment in schools. Interventions such asthese are important to address the broad socio-economic gap and educationalinequalities in our country. The impact seen in 1000 schools through thiscampaign has been extremely satisfying. 

BhushanTuladhar, Regional Technical Advisor, South Asia - ‎UN-HABITAT said, “Ourcongratulations to all partners and friends of the Support My School (SMS)campaign for achieving “SMS Mission 1000”. It is a remarkable that the campaignhas reached over 4, 00,000 students across 1100 schools in the region. We lookforward to support the next phase of the initiative – SMS Mission Recycling.” 

Coca-ColaIndia is relentlessly working on creating a positive difference in the state ofschool education and the company has an unabated focus on sustainability.

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