Amrita University’s science fest ‘Aarohan’ gives school students a glimpse of the world of scie

BENGALURU / October 17, 2017 – The ninth edition of Amrita University’s annual science fest called Aarohan received an overwhelming response from school students across Bengaluru, fostering a closer bond between the schools and an institution of higher learning.

 More than 1,100 students from 31 schools inBangalore gained insights over two days into the world of science throughamateur science projects, contests and games. The participating schoolsincluded Delhi Public School East, The Amaatra Academy, Harvest InternationalSchool, Freedom International school, Indus International School and TreamisWorld School. 

Inaugurating Aarohan 2017, Dhanraj Swamy,Director, Bengaluru Campus, Amrita University, said: “Aarohan isBengaluru’s most well-known science fest. It received an awe-inspiring responsethis year, which signifies the ever-growing nature of this gargantuancelebration of science. The young minds in attendance set out to acquaintthemselves with the world of science through a plethora of events and fungames. Every year, we are pleasantly surprised by the curiosity of studentsinto various aspects of science and the innovative projects they showcase.” 

The registration app for Aarohan was designed bystudents of Amrita Institute of Engineering. QR codes were pasted on thepassports given to the participants and were scanned at every event, giving theorganizers a real-time update. 

The flagship event was the Project Exhibition inwhich students had to present their projects and showcase their creativity andknowledge in finding innovative and practical solutions for current worldproblems. A total of 27 projects around the theme of ‘social well-being’ wereexhibited. Some prominent ones included drones fitted with special HD andthermal cameras to help rescue people during natural calamities, efficienttraffic-control methods, and economical ways of producing fuel. 

A hands-on workshop aimed at educating students aboutthe design and fabrication of an ornithopter (an aircraft thatflies by flapping its wings) generated great interest, with more than 100students attending. The participants were coached by experienced engineeringstudents who explained the basics and helped them through the construction ofthe aircraft. 

Among the 18 fun games, ‘The Quest’ testedthe aptitude and analytical skills of students, while ‘Technical Hunt’and ‘Circuitricks’ honed their circuit-debugging skills. ‘Castle Wars’put construction skills of students to test by building a castle usingcardboard boxes. They had to exhibit their coordination by attacking the enemycastle with five tennis balls, while defending their own. ‘MathemmentumContour’ brought out the inner mathematicians of students as theyworked their way through Sudoku challengs and riddles, as well as a combinationof Pictionary and JAM. ‘Game of Sprites’ was the ultimate battle ofgamers that provided the participants a platform to develop their own game withboundless dimensions. “Glideator,” a major crowd puller, tested thebasics application of aerodynamics. Teams had to solve a set of riddles toobtain a set of data and build the best performing glider which was put throughan actual test flight.

A cultural fiesta of music and dance performances wasfollowed by the valedictory ceremony where prizes worth Rs 4 lakhs weredistributed to winning students. The overall championship trophy of Aarohan’17was bagged by Delhi Public School, Bangalore East. The second and thirdplaces were won by Freedom International School, Bangalore, and AmritaVidyalayam, Bengaluru, respectively. The Chief Guest Jayanthi Prabhakar, Principal, FreedomInternational School, addressed the students and emphasized the role thatscience fests like Aarohan play in highlighting the genius of young minds.

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