Mumbai: Ms. Amruta Fadnavis crowned as “World Peace Ambassador” by Dr. Huz - Founder - The World Peacekeepers Movement, an online movement of more than 2 million Peacekeepers.

Ms Amruta fadvanvis who is also Wife of Chief minister Devendra Fadnavis worked very actively  in social field. She has focussed on water conservation initiatives. 

Sir Dr Huz has felicitated world Peace Ambassadors. The World Peacekeepers Movement (TWPM) is an online movement of more than 2 million Peacekeepers on Facebook who subscribe to the 7 Peace Values of gratitude, forgiveness, love, humility, giving, patience, and truth - the foundation of inner peace. Through the inner peace of humanity, world peace can become a reality. 

The title has been conferred based on achievements and service to humanity and commitment to the cause of peace.  As a “World Peace Ambassador” they had been presented a frame, a citation image, a Peace Hamper, and a silver coin.

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