An IITian who almost joined RAW, before a life changing journey of spirituality.

Why are we here? What is the ultimate purpose of life? Is there a god? . While these eternal questions might be pertinent to spirituality, how does one grasp and apply the concepts and rich learnings of our Indian scriptures and holy texts in this fast-paced world? Musing over such topics has generally brought confusion to truth seeking beginners and gotten them tepid responses from their friends - so engrossed in the daily grind of life, that the subject of inner happiness, finding inner peace and to explore world beyond materialistic realms, the fundamentals of human existence; have become a luxury, that they can’t afford to spend time on. This is not a passing judgement but a reality that surrounds us in the IOS-Android-AI era of humanity. The art of self-discovery, explorations and healing is lost upon the most of us. Yet, things can, and do change. Answers are easy to gather if you have a leader who has seen and done it all, guiding you towards inner light.

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