Anand Diagnostic Laboratory Brings Diagnostics Closer to Neighbourhood

Bengaluru, 23rd May, 2017: Anand Diagnostic Laboratory, Karnataka’s leading diagnostic laboratory chain since four decades, today announced the launch of its latest client facility in Jayanagar, Bangalore.

Jayanagar,the first planned neighbourhood in Bangalore, will now be home to worldclass and affordable diagnostic services with the best in class laboratorypractices.

AnandDiagnostic Laboratory strives for excellence in patient care with its highlyefficient and accuracy-oriented processes. Each client service facility alsoincludes highly trained Phlebotomists, experienced and compassionate team ofcustomer care personnel.

Anand Labhas achieved many milestones in the world of diagnostics including bringingdigital pathology to routine practice and launching world’s first Drive Throughblood testing service in Bangalore among many others.

On thisoccasion AnandLab offers a 20% discount on all tests from May 17 to June30th, 2017 at this client service facility, Jayanagar (only).

Speaking onthe occasion, Mr. Anand K, CEO, Anand Diagnostics Laboratory said “Providingquality healthcare solutions to the people of Karnataka has always been thepriority for Anand Diagnostic Laboratory. With a strong patient-centricapproach, we endeavour to enhance our delivery system through a network ofclient service facilities across Bangalore. We have planned to reach 25 centersby the end of this year.

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