Angelique Foundation Launches Libraries in 7 Delhi Cantonment Board Schools

28th February, 2018: New Delhi: Angelique Foundation, the CSR arm of Angelique International Limited,inaugurated Angelique Pustakalayas in 7 Delhi Cantonment Board-run schools today. This is going to be a giant leap since in addition to 18 libraries that AIL has constructed in NDMC Schools.

This uniqueCSR initiative was launched by Smt. Meenakshi Lekhi, Member ofParliament, (Lok Sabha, New Delhi), Ms. Jaishree Goyal, Head - CSR, AngeliqueInternational Limited graced the occasion at Sardar VallabhbhaiPatel CB Sr. Secondary School in the august presence of ShriB. Reddy Shankar Babu, I.D.E.S. CEO, Delhi Cantonment Board, Shri.ManojKumar Mohapatra, Joint Secretary (OIA-II), Shri Manoj Kumar, UnderSecretary,(OIA-II) ,Ministry Of External Affairs, while a number ofstudents and staff of the Delhi Cantonment Board also gathered. Childrenfrom different countries will also join the inauguration functioncourtesy Ministry of External Affairs as it will provide an excellentopportunity for all the children to know about each other and their countriesand cultures.   

This monthonwards, the schools where these libraries have become functional and willbenefit the students are: Dr. APJ Abdul Kalaam CB Sr. Secondary School;Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel CB Sr. Secondary School; Mother Teresa CB Sr.Secondary School; Smt. Indira Gandhi CB Sr. Secondary School; Dr. BR AmbedkarCB Sr. Secondary School; Mahatma Jyotiba Phule CB Sr. Secondary School; and,Silver Oak CB Model School.

It was ajoyous moment for the students who were extremely happy to get an opportunityto read a wide variety of new books made available to them in the premises oftheir own schools. This initiative of Angelique Foundation allowsthe children to read in well-lit, comfortable and attractive rooms that arealso furnished with new furniture, carpets, beanbags with motivational posters. 

Whilelaunching the Libraries, Smt. Meenakshi Lekhi, Member of Parliament,(Lok Sabha, New Delhi) said“ I have been an avid reader throughoutonly because all successful people have reading books as one of their habits.This is one of the main reasons why I requested Ms. Jaishree Goyal of AngeliqueInternational to help me in identifying these libraries in the NDMCSchools so that we can inculcate this in the children from a very nascent age.I believe that these children will eventually help the country and besuccessful themselves and make the dream of ‘Ek Bharat ShresthaBharat’ into a reality”. 

In heraddress, Ms. Jaishree Goyal, CSR Head, Angelique Foundation said,”Reading is the best way to learn, and we believe that children love toread. A book that matches a child's literacy level, and also has attractivecolourful illustrations and can be read in a happy comfortable environment,would ensure that every child makes an attempt to read it. Our libraries havecarefully selected books in a happy environment. I firmly believe that any childwho reads becomes an adult who thinks”.

 AngeliqueFoundation started the initiative by setting up AngeliquePustakalaya - happy functional libraries in schools and furnish themwith books that are relevant to various age-groups, and thus, help in enhancingthe literacy levels of these students. Angelique Foundation hasespecially taken upon itself to supply the libraries with inspirational books,books on Indian heritage, humor, moral values and more.The idea behind such an initiative is to provide a warm and invitingenvironment where children can discover the world of imagination and knowledgewhile also improving their communication skills. Since ninety percent ofschools for low-income groups do not have libraries, and the remaining tenpercent comprise a handful of books that remain locked in cupboards, thisscheme of Angelique Foundation will cater to the need for a functionallibrary for the students.

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